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You were led here for a reason – if you’re ready to transform your mindset & elevate your energy to manifest an extraordinary life – then you’re exactly where you’re meant to be!

Hello Anna,

I admire all the women you show on your pages.
And I really love your quotes.
I started following your use to pages @theannadelarosa and @empowerwomenquotes when I lost my job. You have inspired me now that I started my own business 🥰 and now I help women World Wide become financially independent by teaching them how to start an online business. Your coaching, guidance and support has helped me change my entire life, So I just want to say THANK YOU 🤩

— Lee

Step Into Your Power

Together we will get clarity and create a crystal clear BIG vision for your life as I personally help you unlock the tools you need to discover and harness who you already are. You will learn the secret to finally get out of your one way and step into your power.

Find Deep Inner Peace

I give you permission to show up fully as yourself. My short cuts will take you from where you are now to exactly where you want to be. I provide specific strategies to help you tap into your vision and find deep inner peace, as you strive toward the most ideal life of your dreams.

Excitement and Gratitude

Leave this session with a renewed sense of excitement and gratitude to wake up each day. You will finally make that move you always wanted and never look back.
Hey Beautiful Anna 😍

I’ve been wanting to share with you for the last few months……I’m pulling myself out of a 14yr abusive relationship. Mentally and emotionally mind fucking. Coming down to the nitty gritty with finances and shit. I have purchase my own home now and I am gone. I guess I’m telling you because it feels safe with you. Not many understand. I do have incredibly supportive peeps around me. So my Lovely Anna I want to say THANK YOU! Your coaching sessions, your support and posts have picked me up when needed…..helped me to stand a bit taller on the days I just thought I could not. Thank you for you and thank you for supporting me and empowering women 💫❤

— Jenn

What’s Different About

The Anna De La Rosa?

Jenn committed to consistency with me and we came up with a daily plan. Staying consistent with yourself and your practice is what will continue to bring lasting results. No matter what style of morning practices, rituals, journal exercises, workout or meditations you choose to do – consistency is the key ingredient that holds it all together.

How Does It Works?

Follow these Steps

Life purpose tools and mindset shifts to get out of your comfort zone and create dominance so you can take action.

You have to learn to take responsibility for your life and be accountable. Remember, there is nothing about life that is personal.

Success in life comes when you decide what you want, take action and then stay consistent. Don’t focus on being perfect, just get started. There are going to be so many times that you will transition and fluctuate things in your life and business. Starting is the first step and you can adjust anything you wish once you have begun.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Anna De La Rosa

Anna Svetlik De La Rosa is a Serial Entrepreneur in multiple businesses, brands & internet platforms. She holds titles as a Life Coach, Woman to Know, Motivational Speaker & Business Owner. Anna is a cheerleader for all women, Founder / Creator of Empowering Women Blog and Community. Her various platforms have become a window into her multi-passionate projects, while her blog “Empowering Women” is an exploration of inspiring interviews with women making a difference around the world. Anna empowers women to share their personal story on her my many platforms, which her following and audience reach has grown to 215+ Million Collectively.

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