Ania Danilina- Photo by: Dreamstate Photos

Ania Danilina- Photo by: Dreamstate Photos

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“They say that Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder, but This Russian Goddess will have anyone hypnotized with her Stunning Beauty!!”💋🚬💨

Ooooooo, do I have Something Special for all of you! 

Featured Entrepreneur: Ania Danilina

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Episode # 45

Date: 01/02/2020

Photos By: Dreamstate Photos

My next feature embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that’s fueled by her lifelong passion to create❤️💪🏼.  Please welcome Ania Danilina, a serial entrepreneur and beauty maven which has a determination / drive like a warrior which is so contagious.

Talk about girl CRUSH, when I 1st met Ania I immediately wanted to get to know her and be her bestie hahahah!  NO, I’m Serious AF, she has this shy & mysterious nature about her that you want to know more about her.  We hit it off immediately and chatted for hours!!!! Ania’s beauty will stop you in your TRACKS!!!!! Plus, she is from Moscow Russia for crying out loud, it’s known for the grandiose architecture, Beautiful Women, it’s imperial history and thriving modern culture. Last year when we did our interview, She had just returned from visiting there for 3 months because she was in the process of getting her Russian citizenship.  She said it is amazing and you can feel the energy of Moscow when you visit. Russia has always been alluring to me with sense of Power.  I think it’s because I am Czech, hahaha

I absolutely love learning about other cultures and nationalities.

A quick background of mine and my Czech family ROOTS, formally (Czechoslovakian, Now Czech Republic) my great great grandfather Frantisek and Marie left their homeland, Horní Sklenov, North Moravia, Czechlosavkia, Hukvaldy, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic, 147 years ago on October 24, 1870 to immigrate to the United States of America in order to improve their lives and the lives of their descendants. It took them about 180 days traveling on a Ship called Irna to arrive on the docks of Galveston Texas.  WOW, that is amazing and thank God for their courage and foresight.  After researching, many of the young couples of my grandparents village, Horni Sklenov in northeastern Moravia Czechoslovakia, planned to make a better life for themselves by migrating to Texas as well.)

I can’t wait to go visit where my Grandparents started one day.  Now I know where I get my drive, spark and determination from!

Enough about me cause I am dying to dive into Ania’s Journey!

Oooo My Ghaaaaa, I cannot believe the things Ania and I have in common, it was like I was talking with a sister I never had and I am not just saying that to be cool!  I am serious AF.  It got funny, here is why: 1st we share the same birthday month, hahaha, DECEMBER 🎈🎂👠!!!!!!!!!!! We are Sagittarius, we both love dogs, our background is similar in both business, education, real estate and upbringing, we have the same morning routine and drink the same smoothies daily with same exact ingredients, hahaha, but I just switched to her protein powder.  We read the same books and forget the same things!!!! Instant Soul Sisters!  She is Russian and I am Czech!

She was born in Russia Moscow, grew up in Toronto Canada & Lives in Los Angeles.   The glow she has is intoxicating from her Beauty and she has the ability to capture an audience with her natural Entrepreneur traits and Business knowledge that she has soaked in from her family.



Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

My goodness, anything artistic so I could be creative.  Such as a dancer, piano player, learn guitar, tennis, art class and I have even taken horseback riding, lol.  I would change my mind a lot and take many types of classes so I could learn what I enjoyed the most.

Q2. What do you think are several big mistakes women have made when they’re trying to achieve a goal in their life?

  • Paying attention to other things and not prioritizing
  • Letting emotions get in the way
  • Trying to have everything perfect before and not starting at all
  • Getting sidetracked with something else, overwhelmed or procrastinating.
  • A lot of the time we get distracted and start putting other’s needs before our own.
  • We stay involved in things that no longer serves us longer than we tended to and we lose track of time and our goal

Q3. Who is your favorite go to designer?

Balenciaga for an everyday look

Q4. What is one accomplishment that you treasure and learned a lot from in the process?

Several years ago, I was presented the opportunity to partner with a close friend in a clothing line.  We jumped in with both feet and had it up and running as fast as we could.  After a few years in, it got to be a bit difficult operating because she lives in New York & I live in LA.  We both agreed it would be best to close the business and shut down the website.  I have no regrets whatsoever because that experience alone helped me learn the business very well and that makes me proud. I want to be able to look back later in life and have no regrets because I know I did everything I wanted to do no matter the outcome.

Q5. You have an amazing portfolio of pictures, is modeling a priority in your life or a hobby?

Modeling is a hobby for me.  I have some modeling opportunities from time to time with several clients, but I never prioritize it in my schedule. I’m more on the shy side so I tend to gravitate to several photographers and clients that I know and then I feel more comfortable.

Q6. How do you relieve workload stress?

Working out daily for sure.  I do Hot Pilates which is my favorite workout that I absolutely love doing.  You just feel so great afterwards.  I also have a personal trainer that I go to consistently.

Also, I like anything to do with animals. I foster dogs often from my local shelter and help the dogs find homes.  Recently I fostered a Pit that had surgery and helped him recover so he didn’t have to go back and stay in the shelter.

I personally think animals are like Angels, they provide therapy and healing to us.

Q7. What passage or quote has helped you along the way that you could share with the Women just starting or continuing their journey?

You don’t have to hustle or be on the go all the time because that’s very stressful.

But if you’re doing stuff just waste your time wisely and you can look back and know you enjoyed yourself along the way. That brings up my favorite quote of all time.

 “Time is Precious Waste it Wisely”

Q8. Could you go into more detail about your business you are currently involved in?

Currently, I own a business in Los Angeles which is a Full-Service Laundry Mat.  Also, I have condos that were handed down to me from my family that I now own and manage.  I have several in Toronto and one in the Caribbean.  I either rent them out year-round or as an Airbnb Rental. 

Q9. How does your business fulfill you?

Oooooo, I love the freedom and security that I have created.  Really anything that has to do with real estate, property investments and the Airbnb is so much fun.  Over the years I have gotten lost in projects and lost track of time which never feels like work!  Owning your own business is already fulfilling because it is a journey of self-discovery and you learn so much daily.  Growing up in Canada, I knew one day I would own my own business and at the time I didn’t know all the exacts.   When it was finally time for me to go off to college, I selected a degree in business administration since it was more generalized and I graduated with flying colors.

Q10. What kind of books do you like to read, or do you have a favorite book you are reading?

I love reading motivational books that make you really think differently or outside the box.  I enjoy learning things that I can apply to my life.  A book that caught my attention called Real Magic by Dean Radin PhD and it was my 1st Audible purchase. I normally enjoy buying the actual book in hard cover or paperback because I take it will me while I travel, and I can process it more effectively.  Also, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was a good one as well.

Q11. Do you have a morning routine?

I wake up, I have a coffee, all my vitamins and then I go workout first every day.  After I work out, I come home and I will make a protein smoothie with Collagen Powder, Flaxseed Oil, Almond Milk and a cup of protein powder from a company called which the company ships you perfectly portioned cups with the ingredients. You put it all in a blender and mix it up and pour it back in the Daily Harvest cup and it is sooooooo good.  You can have them delivered if you live close to them or you can order online.  It isn’t sold in stores.

The only time I do not do this daily routine is if I am traveling.

Q12. Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Monaco is one of my favorites, but anywhere new really. 

This year I went to Bali and Ubud in Bali was just magical.

I’m dying to go to Kenya next for the Safari and Giraffe Hotel. 

Any place with animals I want to go visit!

Q13. Do you have one person in history or currently in your life that you look up to or that motivates you?

O yes, that is my sister.  She has 2 kids: a 15 yr old and a newborn. She owns her own PR Firm, partners with me on a Laundry Mat and about to launch her own skincare line. She motivates me so much because this woman is a very hard worker.


Q14. I love the fact that you’re Russian and you travel back and forth from the US to Russia and stay for extended amounts of time, that is amazing to me. What’s a noticeable difference between being in the US and then traveling Russia?

The differences are the language of course.  Also, the culture, the atmosphere, the men and women are all different and I love it there.  I was fluent, but when I moved here, I had no Russian friends. The only person I speak Russian to is my father because he understands both languages, so I would speak ½ Russian and ½ English which was not the correct way at all. Then I would travel to Russia and have difficulty speaking.  So, I made it a point to figure it out and not let my father speak on my behalf.  Finally, I have mastered it and I have my language BACK!


Q15: What is next for Ania?

There is always something in the works!

Soon my sister and I will purchase several more Laundry Mats and then I will be looking at more real estate.

It’s an honor to have you in my upcoming book “Empowered Women that Empower Women-Vol 1″📚Thank you @ania_ania_ for being apart of my journey to inspire me to keep pressing on and using my experiences to weed out the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as teach other women how to do the same!! The friendships you have are so very special, and watching the bond between y’all are so infectious 🌸💋❤️ Love you


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