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Meet Ashley Kromrey Kievit – Owner + Creative Force behind ‘Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique’

A little about Ashley:

Ashley is a web-based social media and digital marketer. She helps small businesses and brands, establish a spiffy online presence attracting eyes to your business’s social media handles and clicks your website, which results in new customer leads. Her boutique approach is simple. She assesses all inquiries and carefully selects only a handful of brands that she can market best.

Thank you so much Ashley for sharing with my community, blog and various platforms.

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Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

Ashley Kromrey Kievit

Owner + Creative Force behind ‘Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique’
Before and After

Before and After: Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Featured Entrepreneur:
Ashley Kromrey Kievit – Owner + Creative Force behind ‘Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique’

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlík De La Rosa 

Episode: #111

Date: 04/23/2023


Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

Making it in Hollywood baby! I dreamt of being on television as an actress/new anchor. I would picture myself winning an Academy Award and think of what I would say. I think I romanticized the idea of a career that gave me a platform to speak truth and advocate for something. I did take TV hosting and improv classes in NYC for a bit. I was even on a reality dating show for a hot minute! But I never bit the bullet to move to LA or make a part time job out of casting calls. The universe had alternate plans for me. Always trust the reason behind a hesitation!

Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

Q2. Where did you get the name “Krom Kreative” ? 

Many factors went into play and it just clicked for me. “Krom” is short for my maiden name Kromrey, and the nickname I had growing up. I am left-handed and I get it from my Dad’s side of the family. Lefties are said to be more creative and so I wanted to lean into that and also honor my late father. Voila, Krom Kreative was established 2019.

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Q3. How did you start your own business?

With a whirlwind of emotion and the support and encouragement from my husband. I was not in a good place mentally which fueled the birth of Krom Kreative social media and marketing boutique. They say when you are MAD it stands for “make a decision” and it was true for me. Unbeknowst to me, I was living undiagnosed with C-PTSD (a form of PTSD) for over a decade. This disorder caused triggers and crippling anxiety in almost every workspace. And it finally caught up to me enough to quite my highest level job. I put in deep therapy work and found solace in a support group. Working for myself, by myself, and helping other women-owned businesses has been the best blessing. If it wasn’t for the normalization of mental health that is shifting society, I probably would’ve have disclosed something so personal to you. But, if one person reads this, I feel like I contributed to the movement.

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Q4. Why did you choose to market women-owned businesses?

One of my first jobs was at a women-led promotional modeling agency. I said if they could succeed, I can too. As an entrepreneur, connection with like-minded individuals is key. And what better way to stay in the mindset of bettering myself both as a business owner and a woman, then building up other women in business while learning from them. My clients are my inspiration. When I see them hit a milestone and celebrate a small victory, it validates we are all in this together- one big goal. But, don’t take me as an ultra feminist, I welcome all small businesses, men-led, LBGT+, it just has to be the right fit for both parties.

Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

Q5. How can someone market there brand with Krom Kreative and what is your boutique approach?

My boutique approach is this. I am not a 9-5 agency that answers only emails and you don’t know who is handling your accounts half the time. I take quite the opposite approach. When we collaborate your benefiting from someone who is part personal assistant/PR/ marketer. I am texting you regularly and the work relationship will feel personal. Krom Kreative is just me, Ashley; I don’t have a team or even interns. I pride Krom Kreative in that and I only take on a handful of clients to ensure every business gets the attention they deserve daily. Social media doesn’t sleep!

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Q6. What is your biggest pet peeve with social media today?

Social Media, especially Instagram, is changing 100mph and everyone has the magic solution to explode your following/ engagement/ leads right? Instagram is flooded with social media ‘experts’. I’ve had clients who DM me content from ‘experts’ because some are actually pretty believable. But there is 99% fluff from SMMs low-key selling through catchy content that the general public does not realize. I don’t feel the need to jump on the bandwagon posting and preaching daily. I’m busy working (inserts tongue in cheek).

Ashley as a Social Media Expert for NBC and Comcast’s Hackathon which is an Accolade

Ashley featured and recognized at NBC and Comcast NYC Hackathon

Q7. What does success mean to you as a determined / driven woman?

At this juncture in my life, success doesn’t equal a flashy lifestyle. I am a working mom. For me, success means time for me and my family. It’s the LUXURY of not putting my baby in daycare, but rather having the flexibility to work around my child and be present. Yes, I work 24/7 but I can choose where I allocate my time. That’s what I worked hard for. I’m pumped to announce this month Krom Kreative is officially international!

Before and After: Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Before and After: Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Q8. If you could speak to one woman from history, who would it be?

I wouldn’t chose to speak to someone from history, because history is just that, history. I want to speak to someone who is alive now, worked hard to get where they are, is experiencing this environment, this technology. A woman who’s running a business/businesses, and modeling what it means to take care of themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, while still filling other people’s cups. I’m calling up Oprah! I have a mug that reads ‘Oprah wasn’t build in a day.’ Kind of a fan.

Quote By: Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Quote By: Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Q9. Any favorite apps that you use to manage your social media platforms or to create content?

Canva the designing app has come a long way and I think it rivals Adobe CC. I jump from my phone to my laptop with that app easily. Plus, the teams feature makes content shareable with clients right in the app. It eliminates emailing or creating shared Google docs for batches of content.

For scheduling I have tried many and find Planoly all-encompassing when it comes to a content planning platform.

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Krom Kreative Social Media & Marketing Boutique

Q10. Where can we find you?

Instagram: HERE

Facebook: HERE

LinkedIn: HERE

Website: HERE


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