Cassandra Bodzak

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Let’s discuss my next guest briefly, so about 6 years ago we connected on another project I was doing at the time.   I literally had just started setting intentions and playing around with manifesting things and our 1st interview was one of those manifestations, hahahh

I’m so in love with her mission, message and motto✨

Her motto:  “Create a life that LIGHTS you up!”

I’m talking about, Author + Spiritual Mentor, Cassandra Bodzak of Instagram’s @cassandrabodzak and @eatwithintentiontv

She is best-selling author of “Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life the Lights You Up”

Maybe you have seen Cassandra on ABC’s The Taste with Anthony Bourdain as the ‘happy, healthy living guru’, or perhaps you’ve heard of her online mind-body-soul support community….. Or you just serendipitously landed here, as Cassandra would say.  She is also a global meditation + wellness teacher, thought leader, and sought after speaker in the mindfulness and personal development world.
She is regularly appearing on TV and digital platforms to share her holistic and mindful living tips.

You may have seen Cassandra in her work with SHAPE, Eating Well, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Thrive, Fabletics, Lululemon, SoulCycle and many more. She has been called “an award winning thought leader and intuitive coach” in Forbes and “a spiritual leader” by Well + Good.

Cassandra helps women break free from the fear that’s holding them back so they can live their happiest, most confident lives.

Cassandra also hosts sold out lectures and group coaching experiences to help women all over the world by implementing the tools and techniques to transform their lives.

“She helps you turn the vision for your life into your REALITY using both spiritual + strategic tools”

The portfolio under Cassandra’s belt is beyond phenomenal, I will include her website and social media pages for you to check out at the end of our interview.


Thank you so much Cassandra for joining me on my journey all these years, being apart of my 2017 project “Your Meditation & Mindfulness Project, “How to live your life of Calm, Peace & Happiness, no matter how busy your life is” and now my upcoming book, “Empowered Women that Empower Women Vol-1📚”


Cassandra Bodzak

Author + Spiritual Mentor

Featured Entrepreneur: Cassandra Bodzak    

Founder: Best Selling Author of “Eating with Intention”@cassandrabodzak & @eatwithintentiontv on Instagram

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa 

Episode # 53

Date: 3/15/2021


Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a different thing every week when I was super little. I loved trying on different roles like lawyer, teacher, cafe owner, etc. From middle school on I was pretty set on being an actress and I pursued that dream till my mid-twenties when the spiritual-wellness world swooped me away!

Eat with Intention by: Cassandra Bodzak

Eat with Intention by: Cassandra Bodzak

Q2.  What best describes your book “Eating with Intention”?


“Eat with Intention” is a manual for your earth suit! It’s all about coming into a loving relationship with your body, figuring out how to nourish and take it care of it and being able to communicate with it so you can tap into it’s divine wisdom. It comes with 75 spiritual-wellbeing ‘prescriptions’ that have a mantra, recipe and meditation specially curated by me.

Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodzak

Q3.  How did you get started in yoga, meditation and nutrition?

I got started in each one at a different time. Yoga was first because I was a dancer my whole life but my early relationship with yoga was very surface level and really more as a fun workout that I happened to be naturally good at from being a dancer. Nutrition came second when I got severely sick during college with crazy pains through out my stomach. I had spent years hating my body, wanting to be skinnier, restricting, binging, over exercising and being at war with my body. When it finally put it’s foot down (so to speak) in college, my whole world changed and I shifted to a place of wanting to heal and nourish it. I came into healthy eating from a place of necessity and when I saw how fast it healed my body and renewed my energy, I was a believer for life. Meditation came last, or I should say a really serious relationship with meditation came last, after my ‘eat-pray-love bathroom floor moment’ when I found out that my little brother had a rare terminal disease. I had never felt so lost, desperate or sad in my whole life. I asked God for help, I begged for some guidance to help me through it and I was lead to meditation. It has done nothing short of transform my life since that day.

Photo By: Danielle Kamens

Photo By: Danielle Kamens

Q4. How can someone shift their conversation with their body so they are not beating themselves up over eating certain foods? 

I wish it was as easy as a one off tip I could give but it takes daily work. The practices in “Eat with Intention” like daily body gratitude, shifting negative self-talk by seeing it as a ‘nasty roommate’ and not your actual self and getting into daily communication with your body will make that shift but it’s like going to the gym. You have to do the reps, you have to show up for it and build those new muscles. Most of us have had years of practice with negative self-talk so you have to be willing to put in time and effort to re-wire. It’s definitely a work out but it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll do for your life and your body.

Q5.  You have so many amazing recipes in your book,  what is your all time favorite?

Gosh, this one always stumps me because I like a different thing every season. I would say that I am super proud of the veggie burger and avocado fries because I spent WEEKS recipe testing that burger to get it just right and it’s one of my favorite things that I’ve come up with.

Q6. What is the most challenging part of running your business?

Is there anything NOT challenging about running your own business? haha I guess I would say structure and self-discipline. I am a creative by nature, a big idea person, so writing, filming, big projects, come super natural to me but things like creating a content calendar or even just answering mundane emails can be rough. It’s challenging at times to be running the whole ship. have people that work for you and feel that responsibility on your shoulders. It makes it even more important to take care of myself so I can show up as my best self everyday.

Q7. What is your favorite quote?

For years now it’s been,

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” – Oscar Wilde

It reminds me of the personal power each of us have to design a life that lights us up.

Q8.  How does Meditation play apart in your life?

Meditation is the glue that holds it all together, it is my daily plug in to a power source greater than me and my way of aligning myself with my deep soul desires. There is not a part of my life that doesn’t benefit from my meditation practice. It’s a joy to get to teach it and share it’s magic with people all over the world.

“Peace Begins with Me” Kundalini Meditation

“Peace Begins with Me” Kundalini Meditation


Q9 What advice do you have for women looking to start their own journey?

Start where you are and don’t worry about what it looks like. I always recommend trying all the flavors, look at youtube videos on different meditations, try out different classes, just be in the exploration and trust that you will know when you find the practice that sings to your soul. Meditation should be juicy and nourishing, your spiritual practice should rejuvenate and restore you so make it your own. I highly recommend creating a daily morning ritual and sticking with it for at least 40 days to just get yourself in the groove and then feeling free to modify and play around more.

Q10. What is one of you most treasured accomplishments?


Writing “Eat with Intention” was a pretty big accomplishment for me, it was probably the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and the emails I get from people who have read it and totally shifted their relationship with their body and transformed their life are literally better than anything in the world!

Cassandra Bozdak

Cassandra Bodzak

Q11.  Please share one piece of advice that you have received which has helped you along the way?

When I first started out on my spiritual path, I was listening to ACIM youtube videos. One of the guys said something to the effect of “what if you decided what you wanted from your life and treated everything that happened to you as propelling you towards that.”
It’s kind of similar to, “Things happen FOR you, not TO you.”

It reminds me that everything is always perfect and even though something might seem like a temporary detour or loss.  It is my choice to see it as something that is happening to get me closer to my true desire. Then at that moment, you will be propelled out of Victim Mode and fully back into your Power immediately.

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Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodzak

I had a quick question for you?????

Have you ever wanted to learn how to be more mindful in loving your body?

Well, if so, you’re in luck. (Happy St.Patrick’s Day🍀💚🍀💚) again….

That’s because, I have included my 2017 Interview with Cassandra called “Your Meditation & Mindfulness Project” in the link below👇🏽🎙

She will reveal to you how important it is to not only LOVE your body, but  have a personal relationship with our body as well.  There are messages our physical body wants to communicates with us.

Indeed, in just moments you’ll discover:

  • How to trust your body’s guidance.
  • A surprisingly simple way to connect with your soul and connect with the body.
  • Last but not least a nifty trick for finding the right Meditation Practice, Tool or Modality that fits you and your lifestyle:

The Answer to find the right Practice or Modality:

Try Them All, Test Them, Experiment because there are so many.  When  you start your own Journey, you will know what works for you.

I absolutely love that suggestion because that is exactly what I did as well when I started out.

Listen to learn more…

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Your Meditation & Mindfulness Project - 2017

Your Meditation & Mindfulness Project – 2017

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