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How are you holding up love???? It seems like a bad dream or a old movie🎥 I saw years ago.  I don’t know, but this entire Corona thing is just hard to wrap my mind around.  When you turn on the news to get an update, you only see people being shot into a state of panic or having some sort of psychological disruption.  The unknown and uncertainty has some freaking out, but a very few remain calm. I am going to go with my gut and totally relying on my intuition, because there are lots of different info across the media.  

My Daily Routine:

What is your way of dealing with panic and fear when it arises???  I have recently incorporated more Meditation, Journaling and Mindset Work into my Daily Routine, which was a must.  This helps when my energy feels off, like I feel a heaviness in the Atmosphere. Therefore, those are two modalities that have been working wonders for me.  Studies have proven that consistent meditation (self hypnosis) boosts the immune system by reducing pro-inflammatory gene expression, boosting antibody levels, and activating the region in the brain connected to effective immune system function. Meditation also helps regulate your nervous system and that is helpful in dealing with fear.

Besides all of the above, I also read and research all the time as well which is soooo therapeutic for me. If anyone needs some ideas or tools to help them clear their mind and get present or even heal some areas of their life that need it, email me  I’ll send you some goodies to try and it will be at no additional cost.

Photo By: Videre_one_photo

Photo By: Videre_one_photo

Are you ready for the below?

Speaking of healing, let’s shift into a new direction now and introduce my next Blog Feature that using her art to heal.
She released her 1st single “Stay Wild” in October 2019.

Her video was just released last week so you can listen to it below👇🏼  Kierra loves all types of art and started incorporating it into her life at a very young age. Over the years she learned about Fashion, Completed a Degree in Fashion, dabbled in some Modeling and Acting. Kierra then decided to then get her feet wet in music.  When she got more involved with music, she found her true calling and what set her heart on fire.  There was something about releasing her all in a song that healed her internally. Now she is living life to the fullest, by sharing her experiences & message with the world in her own Music.  

I have had the honor to meet Kierra back in May 2018 and personal be apart of her journey, which I can share with all of you.

Photo By: Gabrielle Nicole

Photo By: Gabrielle Nicole

Featured Entrepreneur: Kierra Khan

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Episode # 46

Date: 04/06/2020

Q1. Tell us a little about one thing that lights you up inside?

Performing lights my soul on fire. When I am on stage my soul feels at home, I feel the like the best version of myself and I cannot wait to perform again and again.

Photo By: Virere_one_photo

Photo By: Videre_one_photo

Q2. Do you have a secret to your amazing look and what motivates you?

Knowing that there are so many people who aren’t brave enough to chase their dreams keeps me motivated. I want to show everyone, that it is possible to have everything you desire by going for it!

Photo By: Tierra Jones

Photo By: Tierra Jones

Q3. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming successful? To what do you most attribute your success?

I believe the key to success is getting to know yourself because when I began writing my EP “Stay Wild,” I completely isolated myself from the world to focused on creating my best work.

Stay Wild by Kierra Khan

Q4. As a Beautiful woman wearing many hats, how do you handle workload stress?

I think it is super important to slow down and enjoy the journey. I also allow myself time recover from my crazy workload.

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Wrapping it up:

It’s an honor to have you in my upcoming book Kierra “Empowered Women that Empower Women-Vol 1″ and helping inspire and women with your message!


Anna De La Rosa

Creator of IG: @empowerwomenquotes




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“Empowering Women All Over the World”

Summer 2021 book release: “Empowered Women that Empower Women– Volume 1″


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