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Let’s dive into my amazing interview with Marci Hopkins Host of Wake up with Marci to hear her own personal story that is soooo powerful.  As well as how her mission is a simple one but very impactful,: “She’s committed to inspiring and empowering her audience, while spreading hope and happiness.”


Behind Wake Up with Marci

Featured Entrepreneur: Marci Hopkins Host of “ Wake up with Marci” Talk Show

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa

Episode # 47

Date: 1/19/2021

Welcome to the empowering state of mind!

You know when you meet someone and you feel that instant connection and alignment???

I’ll never forget when Marci reached out to me on Instagram back in March 2018 and that is exactly what took place. 

Marci said she noticed I lived in Pearland, Texas which her family lived there as well. She then went on to write,”Amazing to see you are empowering women. That’s my intention as well with my show”, which at the time was called Coffee with Marci. She went on to say, “Hopefully we can connect at some point.”  Little did I know that 2 years later we did just that and connected at the exact right time.  The both of us evolved tremendously since 2018 with making our intentions a reality.  

I had the honor of interviewing Marci for my Blog and upcoming book, which I included a sneak peek of our interview below💛💛💛💛

Also, she recently interviewed me for her powerful Talk Show “Wake up with Marci that aired 10/31/2020 on all platforms.

  • I share a personal story of my brothers tragic death and it prompted me to make immediate changes in every area of my life.
  • How I help others by providing tips/tools and a short cut to lasting life changes through energy work, meditation and mindset work.
  • How I love sharing others stories on my Blog/Social media platforms because I personally gain inspiration from others’ work by interacting with them. There is something about connecting with these amazing ladies personally and sharing our lives with one another, really forms a special bond.

My Interview 10/31/2020 on Wake up with Marci

Marci is an absolute breath of fresh air and I adore how she has candid convo’s with her guests and gives other’s stories a voice, not to mention brings them to life.    Basically her mission is simple: “She’s committed to inspiring and empowering her audience, while spreading hope and happiness.” The show is a passion project for Marci, and to top it off she celebrates five years of being sober after winning her battle with alcoholism.  Soooo proud of her!!!!!!

Marci says,

 “My guests are living proof that it is possible to heal and that difficult situations do not have to define you…I hope viewers find strength, hope and their purpose through these stories.” The show is a passion project for Marci, who is five years sober after winning her battle with alcoholism.”

Studio “Wake up with Marci”

Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

Anything to do with animals! I thought about a veterinarian but I could not stand to see them hurt.

Then there was Erica Kane from All My Children 😆

Talk Show “Wake up with Marci”

Q2. Tell us all about you and the story of how you have gotten to this point in your life? (Please tell as little as you would like or as much)

Better grab a cup of coffee, this could take a little awhile.

Let me first say I am living my happiest life and that is why I created my show, Wake Up with Marci, because I wanted others to know, no matter their hardship there is hope and a life of joy awaiting them.

Growing up I was faced with many hardships…abandonment, alcoholic parents, physical abuse and then sexual abuse. This created a lot of turmoil in my life and not a lot of direction. It changed the person I was, a young girl with dreams of a happy life, to a twelve year old failing school and starting to experiment with alcohol to forget that I didn’t want to live.

When I was nineteen after using college as an escape and failing, my grandmother stepped in and had me tested to find my talents and interests. I discovered I had a very creative mind, and it was recommended I to attend the Art Institute of Houston. I studied Music and Video Business. This led me to the world of television.

My first internship was at a network called Paramount 20 in the promotional department. I felt I had finally found my purpose. I then ran the in-circuit television show for the greyhound track in Galveston. My real journey began when I started working for Liberty Sports Communication.

My first job was in operations, I then moved to the programming department for Prime Sports Rocky Mountain. I was promoted to the Manager of Programming after a year. Liberty and Fox Cable Group merged and I was moved to Denver, Colorado as the Program Manager.

After about 18 months I decided to make some real life changes and took a step back within the company so I could move to Corporate in LA. I knew within a year I would be promoted again. One thing I realized about myself, is that, if I put my mind to something, I would make it happen. The interesting thing, as I tell you the trajectory of my career I was going through bad relationships and continued drinking to cope. That was the norm, I knew nothing different. I was shown drinking everyday was just what you did and if things are going bad you just drink more.

(Anyway, back to my career.)

After a very hard year in LA as a coordinator for FitTV I was promoted to Manager of On-Air Promotions for FX Network. Still not sure how I got that job as I had no experience but no matter what job I am in I learn how every department works, this makes you more powerful in your job and very difficult to replace. I went in as the manager and was promoted to Director in a year.

During my climb in the industry I found a great guy and we were married. My husband also worked for FOX Cable Group which helped the relationship because we understood the industry and the expectations, TV never stops so neither does your commitment to being on call. After a year in the job it was time to move on to my next full time job, being a mom.

My husband had a job opportunity in New York so we moved from LA a couple years after our son was born. Not long after our move I was pregnant with our daughter. I loved being a mom but when my daughter was four and my son was six, I decided to go after a dream I had as a teenager, that dream was to become a model. Imagine me at forty deciding to get in front of the camera but when I started putting it out in the universe the support started flowing. I started off in commercial print, commercial acting, moved on to web series acting then became an indie film actress. Acting was the most difficult job I had. I was a bundle of nerves with no self confidence. Not a great job for someone that is not too confident. It’s an industry where you are judged, and sent on a rollercoaster ride, wondering if you will book the gig and then try to make the job work logistically as a wife and mom. After about nine years I had to make a hard choice to let it go because it was destroying me. Once again I had turned to alcohol. Wine became my liquid courage and my support when I felt so bad about myself.

After life was almost destroyed by my bad choices and excessive drinking it was make a choice to put the drink down or lose my family, my children were everything to me so I made the hardest admittance in my life, and that was that I was an alcoholic and needed help. When I admitted this to my husband he grabbed me and held me, it was the first time I felt what true love was and the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. I didn’t have to lie anymore and my healing journey began.

You probably wonder why I am sharing so much but this is my story and it has brought me to the success I have in life. I started my healing journey by going to AA. I discovered so much about myself working those steps. It allowed me to heal from my demons, have a spiritual awakening, discovered my negative patterns, how to move out of the victim role, love myself and to love others.

After a couple of years of my healing journey I was ready to get back to what I love and that is entertainment. I discovered a way I could be home with my children when they were out of school and get back to entertaining. That is when I had the inspiration to start a Social Media talkshow on Facebook: called Coffee with Marci. I started out with a cell phone and loved this project. Using my television experience, I took the plunge as a host and gave entrepreneurs & non-profits a voice in the community. The show became a hit immediately. I was helping the community, entrepreneurs to share about their business, non-profits to raise money and consumers to understand what was available to them in their community.

After a year of building the show I knew I wanted to do more. I was discovering the gifts of life and happiness and I wanted to give that to others. That is where “Wake Up with Marci” was born. I wanted to share others stories of inspiration and hope. I wanted to give my gift of happiness and hope through others stories. Today Wake Up with Marci is on CBS owned WLNY-TV 10/55 in the TriState Area, Saturdays at 10am EST. Today I am sharing the stories of celebrities, everyday people, and specialists with the mission to inspire, educate and spread hope.

I also offer entertaining segments with music to unite us. My mission is to help others, heal, transform, be inspired and live their happiest lives. It is time we all “Wake Up” our subconscious!

Wake up with Marci

Q3. Do you have any beauty secrets to your amazing?


I believe beauty comes from the inside out. Eat as clean as possible and drink lots of water. Also living in joy and gratitude, but we all need a little help 🙂 moisturizer and serums are a must to keep our skin young and fight elasticity as we get older! A good foundation, rosy cheeks, mascara and a beautiful lip color are everyday essentials. Look your best, feel your best!

Wake up with Marci

Q4. What are you currently working on? Any future collaborations you want to share?

I am currently working on a book as well as an invention that I’m looking forward to get to market. I will be collaborating with Bella Magazine, a national magazine that inspires others.

Wake up with Marci chats with Jaime Xie on Being apart of the reinvention issue of Bella Magazine


What is your favorite podcast and why? Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. Because Oprah is amazing and I learn so much from her guests.

Favorite shampoo? R + Co Gemstone Color

Favorite food? Mexican

Favorite quote? “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston S. Churchill

Favorite movie? Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Q5. I want to have a little fun with ya and share with these gorgeous ladies so they can see that there is not 1 personality or characteristic you need to be a powerhouse boss! You don’t have to be a certain way to be beautiful, successful, smart or talented, just be you!

Check out fun preferences below😆😆

▫️Pick one or the other:

  • Wilma or Betty (Flintstones):


  • Gold or Silver:


  • Dogs or Cats:


  • Chanel or Valentino:


  • Sweet or Salty:


  • Summer or winter:


  • Pancakes or waffles:


  • Phone Call or Text:


  • Sausage or Bacon:

I don’t eat beef or pork so neither

  • iOS or Android


  • Diamonds or Pearls:


  • Netflix or YouTube:


  • Reading Books or Audible Books


  • Instagram or Twitter:


  • Toilet paper: 1 ply or 2 ply

2 ply

  • Red or Pink:


  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee:

Hot coffee

  • Country Life or City Life:

City life

  • Comedy Movie or Action Movie:


Do you sing in the shower? No, but I love to sing out loud in the car!

Wake up with Marci


Here’s the deets on Marci and her fabulous Talk Show:

Wake Up with Marci is a weekly inspiring and educational half hour television talk show that airs on top-rated, CBS owned- and-operated WLNY-TV New York.

MARCI HOPKINS is an award-winning TV Personality; host, show creator and executive producer of “Wake Up with Marci” – which airs on CBS owned WLNY-TV, channel 10/55 at 10am on Saturdays. Wake Up is a talk show all about empowerment. Marci shares stories of triumph and transformation to spread hope. She touches on wellness, health, female issues, divorce, family, self help, mental health, beauty, along with performances from musical guests and cooking demos. She has specialists on to educate the audience, provide tools and resources. Wake Up is about living our happiest lives!

When Marci’s not hosting her show, the mother-of-two devotes much of her time to giving back to her community. She supports the Kumali Organization for orphans in Uganda, Africa, Ambassador of Survivor Corps, helping to match Covid-19 survivors with those that are sick and assisting in finding an immunization, and is on the board of the YWCA, dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Marci has been voted Media Mompreneur of the Year, by New Jersey Family Magazine, featured on CBS New YorkPEOPLE en EspanolLatina Magazine201 MagazineNews 12 NJ; 201 Magazine, New Jersey Family Magazine, The Bergen Record, BOLD Global and other leading outlets. A native of Texas, Marci started her career at Fox Cable Group, where she served in multiple roles and quickly climbed the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming the Director of On-Air Promotions for FX Network in Los angles.

Contact Marci Hopkins at

Website: Wake up with Marci

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