HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 ūüéܬ† ¬†

OMGGGG I can’t believe it is 1/1/2020 and I cut off 6 inches of my hair to bring in the New Year, hahahah 

No, I needed a cut sooo freaking bad that I really didn’t care at this point what happened!  I just knew that I wanted it shorter than I have ever had it and just enough to put it up! 

Soooooo are y’all ready for this! 

Everyday this month on my Blog we will have a new never seen before interview, HOLY Smokes Stacks, yesssss a new interview every day for 31 days in January!!!!!!!!!  I am sooooo excited!  I will also be updating the interviews that are already on my Empowerment Blog to reflect the most recent activities, current events and projects. 

The best part is, every single lady that I have interviewed for my blog, (with the exception of 2 since they cannot be involved in a book when they just released their own) are featured in my upcoming book!   The Release date is set for the Summer of 2021, when my daughter graduates from High School.  Here’s the deal, I have been going through a very long drawn out divorce for the past 3 years, after being married for 22 years so, I made a decision to not release anything until my divorce finalizes Spring 2021.  This makes it easier just in case there is anything unexpected! 

Now let’s Kick off the 1st day of the New Year with my Empowering Interview Series 1/1/2020 with this Powerhouse!   She totally blows me away at all she has done and continues to do even with her 3 precious boys right in the MIX!  Hahahah I love it!   O, to top it off, when I did my interview with Kristin last year, she was on vacation, she was holding one of the little cuties rocking him to sleep and trying answer email!  You are amazing my love!  Thank you for allowing me to come into your world and family to see what it is like to be Kristin McGee & transform so many lives over the years!  Love you Gorgeous! 



Featured Entrepreneur: Kristin Mcgee  

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa 

Episode # 44 

Blog Date: January 1, 2020 



Hi Lovely’s  

Ooooooo My Gahhhhhhhh! 


Throughout her career, Kristin has been a pioneer in making yoga more accessible. She helped launch the Peloton yoga program and is currently instructing with them. Kristin has starred in over 100 yoga and pilates videos including MTV workout videos, Bethenny Frankel workout Videos and her own personal brand of yoga DVD’s. She has privately trained celebrities and has written books about the value of yoga in everyday life. She has appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America, The Today Show and has been featured in Health, Shape, Vogue, and Women’s Health. As a busy mom of three boys, Kristin strongly believes that just a few minutes of yoga a day can bring more balance and harmony to your life. Kristin’s classes will ground you, challenge you to focus on the moment and connect your mind, body and breath. 

Q1. What did you want to be growing up? 

 I always wanted to be a famous actress when I was growing up.  



Q2.  What are 7 words that best describe you? 

 Compassionate, Dedicated, Optimistic, Motivated, Loving, Giving and Kind  

Q3.  How did you get started in health and fitness? 

I was always an active child growing up in Idaho. When I moved to New York City to pursue my acting degree I discovered yoga and fell in love with it on the spot. I also got really into fitness and working out that I started t teach classes and train people, while I pursued my acting career.  

Q4. What is one of you most treasured accomplishments? 

 Having my 3 baby boys. I have a 6-year-old son and my twins that just turned 3.

Q5.  Please one piece of advice that you have received which has helped you throughout your journey?   

“To thine own self be true”

My old acting teacher used to always say the quote above.  When you think about it makes so much sense to just stay true to yourself and listen to your inner voice and guide.

Q6. What and Who motivates you? 

My students, My parents, My children motivate me.

I’m inspired by other people in my field¬†


Q7.  What is a quick snack that you like to make on the go? 

 I love Greek yogurt with blueberries. I also love a piece of Ezekiel bread toasted with a smear a peanut butter and some honey and sliced bananas.

Q8.  Describe a day in the life of Kristin McGee? 

I try and wake up before everyone else gets up and breathe and stretch a little.¬† when the babies wake up I am off to the races.¬† Then I hurry and get myself ready quick shower and dry shampoo curl my eyelashes and get dressed. I walk Timothy to school see some clients or film a workout at home and pick Timothy up at 11:45. The rest of the day I am home with my boys! It’s a lot, but I have great friends and help who come over and take pics for me, etc…. I cook a healthy dinner for us all and then it’s bath, book, bed for everyone.

I just got out of survival mode with the twins not infants any longer and nursing. 

We get out to the playground or do what we can!

I often have them do mommy and me Yoga or Pilates with me too:) 


Q9. What is your favorite yoga pose? 




Q10. What platform have you used that has played a part in making your message successful? 

Back in the day it was DVDs, lol. 

I did the first MTV Yoga DVD and series.  

Then it morphed into more social media: Twitter, Facebook and ESP. Instagram is great  

I’m also building my YouTube channel. I have an app and collaborate with Cody app and do you yoga¬†¬†

I released my first book in January 2017: 

Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You  

Published By: HarperCollins.  


Q11. What advice do you have for other women looking to start their own journey? 

JUST START!!!!!!!!!!! 

Don’t overthink it because that will cause you to get in your head to much! ¬†

A lot of the times we think that everything must be perfect before we can begin.¬† The thing is, if you just start, you will learn so much along the way while you’re building or doing the things.¬†

When I look back on how I have gotten to where I am today, it has been my personal experience that has put me in this position. I am so glad that I didn’t wait for the perfect time to start and just jumped all in. 

Of course, there has been bumps in the road, but everything has propelled me to this place. I do suggest that you take advantage of mentors and friends to help you if you have a question or find someone that you can ask for help, if needed. 

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Kristin McGee is a nationally recognized celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, speaker, mompreneur, and author of Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch, and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You (HarperCollins January 17, 2017). Considered a pioneer in the yoga movement, Kristin began her career as yoga teacher in the nineties after graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

 Her unparalleled knowledge of fitness and health has established Kristin as a sought-after yoga and Pilates trainer with a continuous roster of high profile celebrities including LeAnn Rimes Cibrian, Emilia Clarke, Tina Fey, Bethenny Frankel, Savannah Guthrie, Steve Martin, and Christine Taylor Stiller. Her appeal has always been that she makes fitness fun, cool, and accessible to students of all ages and stages. Kristin is also pioneering the launch of Peloton’s yoga program, which you can learn more about here. 

She has appeared on Access Hollywood, CNN, Fox, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and the Today Show and has been featured in Fitness, Glamour, Health, InStyle, People, Prevention, Shape, Vogue, and Women’s Health. A contributing editor at Health Magazine, a spokesperson for Power Pilates Gym on HSN, and a brand ambassador for multiple companies, Kristin is a proud mom to three boys: a toddler, Timothy and  twins, Robert and William that just turned 3.


Kristin’s Training: 

Kristin received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification training with Cyndi Lee Om, her Pilates teacher certification through Kelly Kane School of Core Integration, and then went on to complete the 500-hour yoga teacher certification training through Katonah Yoga, and the 500- hour Urban Zen yoga therapist training. Kristin is also an ACE certified personal trainer and an AFAA certified aerobics instructor. 


Kristin would love to connect! 

The best places to connect with her are below: 







Kristin has high standards regarding the brands she chooses to endorse. She is a spokesperson for Power Pilates Gym on HSN and a brand ambassador for multiple brands including: Aflac | C9 at Target | Fila | Kind Bars | Lululemon | Nectresse | Traditional Medicinals | Svelte | ubr water


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