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It’s LOVE Month, yay❤️
Sooooo, I want to shower some love on my next feature which is also my publicist for all of my brands and platforms!  Love the shit out of her.

Alli and I met in 2017 and she invited me to be a vendor at an Empowering Women event she was having NYC.  I took her up on the offer and scheduled to attend that Summer, I’m so glad I did.

First, I flew in from Houston, Texas to NYC and was impressed immediately upon arrival.
After that, The event, the speaking panel, the hospitality, bonding we had and the array of guests was out of this world. Upon my return to Texas, I ended up asking Alli if she could represent my brands as my publicist and the rest is history. 

Above all, the growth we have had together over the years has been so amazing that I could write on and on. I adore Alli so freaking much because she is my wing woman, friend, psychologist and PR Consultant all wrapped up in one.  We weave together and the best part is we read each other’s minds, hahah

She is always on top of her game on how to organize, change or enhance my brands to respond to current environment & times.  Best decision I ever made! Cause before her, I wasn’t organized at all and had trouble letting go of duties, schedules and parts of my business.  Having someone that you trust on your team is essential, not to mention puts your mind at ease when we get overloaded.  That is exactly what Alli has given me.

It is something that all of us go through when building as a creative/entrepreneur and all the things. I have learned that if you want to grow your business to the next level, you have to learn to trust the process and allow people to come in and help you. Either it’s doing things that you no longer have time for, such as administrative tasks, marketing or branding so you can do what you do best and that’s Create!

I am so honored to have her apart of my journey and a feature in my up coming book📚“Empowered Women that Empower Women- Vol 1

Click Here to Learn More about Alli

Click Here to Learn More about Alli

Alli Rodriguez

Founder + CEO Alli Rodriguez Public Relations

Featured Entrepreneur: Alli Rodriguez  
Founder + CEO: Alli Rodriguez Public Relations
Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa Episode # 51
Date: 2/09/2021

Photo By: Lindsey Nicole Photography

Photo By: Lindsey Nicole Photography

Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

Interestingly enough, when I was a child I always said I wanted to be a science teacher. First off, I had a very imaginative mind that was always very creative and expressive. Secondly, I loved to talk and network from a young age. It’s just came natural to me. As I got older, PR became my passion.

Q2.  What best describes Alli Rodriguez?

Determined, motivated, and persistent. I stop at nothing to go after what I want and I am not afraid of the hard work that comes with achieving that goal.

Q3.  How did you get started in consulting, marketing and advertising industry?

When I was in high school, I was at a doctor’s appointment with my friend’s mother and while I was waiting for her in the waiting room I was reading a Seventeen magazine and it featured an article on a publicist. It intrigued me and then I saw MTV’s PoweRgirls with Lizzie Grubman. I was in school at the time for my associate’s which is in Medical Administrative Assistance. We were supposed to do a project on interviewing a person of interest in that field and the medical field really didn’t interest me all that much. I called Lizzie Grubman’s office and asked for an interview with her for my paper. She was busy and her VP at the time, Kelly Brady, agreed. I met with Kelly at this cute café in Manhattan and she gave me the entire rundown on the field and her career.

She became a mentor and a friend to me and it ended up leading me into an internship at her firm Brandsway Creative in the summer of 2011. From there, I found that direct agency experience was difficult to find. First, I ended up freelancing. Then worked with a Blogtalk radio show “The Diamond B Experience”. At the Radio Show, I was the talent coordinator and handled all the marketing. I ended up meeting so many celebrities and publicists that I continued to get business from the relationships I made. The best part is, clients ended up following me from project to project throughout the years! That was so great.

MTV PoweRgirls

MTV PoweRgirls

Q4.  What is the most challenging part of running your business?

The most challenging part is signing the contracts. People will always be interested in working with me however, a lot of people are really frugal when it comes to setting aside a budget for marketing. It is such an essential part of your business and unfortunately, businesses and clients don’t always see the necessity of putting the money aside for it and want to do it on their own.

In other words, Time management is also difficult because I handle the majority of the calls and collaborations which take up a lot of time and I am forever in a million directions. I enjoy the hustle though.

Q5.  What is your favorite quote?

What’s meant for me, will always be for me.

Q6.  What do you do to relieve stress after a long day of creating and working with others in your business?

I like to unwind by listening to music. I will also work out to release stress. Most recently I found a spiritual side and I have bought lots of crystals and have learned about how to utilize them in helping you manage certain things like anxiety, stress, etc. Incorporating that as well as just enjoying time with family and doing absolutely NOTHING helps too. I think I still struggle with this a lot though.

Q7.  If you could choose one women that you look up too, who would it be? 

Kelly Brady hands down. She has been such an inspiration since day one. She embraced a small town 18 year old and gave her advice, answered all her questions no matter how insane, and gave her the opportunity of a lifetime. I will forever be grateful and she will always be my biggest inspiration in this industry.

Kelly Brady PR

Kelly Brady PR

Q8.  What advice do you have for women looking to start their own journey?

Don’t be afraid. Go after what you want and don’t let your fears ever hold you back. Don’t let anything for that matter hold you back. Learn as much as you can on your interest as well. The more you know, the better you will be at it. Do not be afraid to ask for people’s advice. A lot of professionals are willing to chat with you on their experiences and how to get there.

Q9. What is one of you most treasured accomplishments?

Finishing my Bachelor’s and having the courage to go back for my MBA and maintaining a 4.0 while still working multiple jobs, being a wife, and handling other personal issues.

Q10.  Please share one piece of advice that you have received which has helped you not give up along the way?

If you throw enough stuff at the wall, something will stick. My father always tells me this and it is so true. I also have heard that taking a break isn’t a bad thing. Being able to take a step aside from things at times to recharge and come back at it again is okay. A lot of people feel like that is going to stop them from making their dreams come true. You cannot burn yourself at both ends and sometimes we all need a break. As long as you don’t quit, you are good. And even if you do quit, as my favorite quote states, what is meant for you will always find you.

Q11. What dreams do you still want to fulfill?

I would love to write a book. As a kid, I used to sing and would love to make a song. I don’t care if one person buys it, I just want to do it to say I did. Becoming a mother one day has always been a dream of mine. I personally think the most rewarding job is to be able to parent a child.

Photo By: Lindsey Nicole Photography

Photo By: Lindsey Nicole Photography

Q12. Do you love to sing or dance?

I love both. I used to sing in competitions when I was younger. FUN FACT: I wanted to be a singer when I was younger too. I actually sent tapes to A&R big wigs that worked for Britney Spears and *NSYNC, haha. Good Lord, I’m sure they went into a trash can 🗑  but love to sing a lot and I do that to relieve stress. Music in general helps keep me in a good mood and I have always loved to dance. I used to go out every weekend dancing when I was younger.

Alli Dancing with Family

Alli Dancing with Family

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