Photo By: Dali Ma

Photo By: Dali Ma

Hello Babes,

Ok, was it just me or did this 1st quarter just fly the fuck by, HOLY SMOKESSS? March is gone and Spring has Sprung up🦋

So many beautiful changes have been happening in all areas of my life.  Not to mention, the lives of my clients, the ladies I interview and my ladies that are apart of my coaching containers. That’s why I love sharing on my blog and my many platforms because everyone needs to know that it’s never to late to start (whatever it is: Big or Small)

I know for years I didn’t pursue what I knew I needed to because I made up stories in my own head as to why I couldn’t. For real, I literally made my own war on the inside and until I decided not listen to that Bull Shit & just start, I remained stuck.  So this is your sign today to accept where you are now and start the New project, business, book, the new home improvement DYI, Garden, Organize That Closet of yours or whatever it is.

Then have fun while creating it!

I’m excited for my next blog feature!

She holds a very special place in my heart and Ohhhh she is just such a breath of fresh air.

Let’s dive in shall we🎙💋

Photo By: Eric Snyder Photography

Photo By: Eric Snyder Photography

Bozena Zag

Fashion + Fitness Model

Featured Entrepreneur: Bozena Zag   

Fashion and Fitness Model  // Proud Mother of 3

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa 

Episode # 54

Date: 04/10/2021

Photo By: Paul Tirado Photography

Photo By: Paul Tirado Photography

Q1.   What did you want to be growing up?

I always wanted to be a runway model. I took a modeling course, but didn’t like it and quit, lol.

Q2. Tell us all about you and the story of how you have gotten to this point in your life?

Was there a turning point in your life and if so how did it affect you?

You know, I think we all go through certain hurdles in our life to gets us to where we are now. To be perfectly honest, I think that’s just life.  The struggles we come up against is what make us stronger and grow. Maybe not for everyone. But most of us. For example, A marriage sometimes doesn’t last like you wish when you are initially getting married. No one goes in to a marriage commitment to get a divorce. Sometimes couples grow apart over time or one is trying to make it work, while the other not so much. With that being said, I strongly believe things happen for a reason. I have three amazing children which I had naturally, I’m going to say that lol. But I do. They are great kids. I’m very involved when it comes to my kids and at the same time trying to work on my career at a late age. I gave up a few times along the way. For so many reasons, I listened to others opinions on life and financial situations/decisions, which is the dumbest thing anyone can do. Especially when you have three gorgeous children you provide for and you want to give each of them the life they want.

Over time you learn to build confidence in your own decisions and that this is my very own path I’m building.  Eventually I will have created the life that makes me happy and that I truly desire.That’s a lot of work.

I have always been very independent and able to take control of my life, even at a very young age. The turning point in my life happened probably about 2-3 years ago. Over a period of time, it came to me that I was going to do what I truly wanted to succeed.  Even if it was gradually, I was determined to do it. The best part was my self confidence got stronger each time and it became easier. I became very focused on my work that I loved and I became happy as well. I just worked as hard as I could every time and today I continue to put in the work but truly enjoy what I am building.

Naturally, I still have stress that arises from time to time when things don’t go as planned but I keep focused.  I was taught to work hard for what you want in life. I personally think that is just a normal thing that happens when you are determined and dedicated to your work.

Photo By: Llobet Photography

Photo By: Llobet Photography

Q3.  What do you think are the three biggest mistakes women make when it comes to achieving their goals?

Depends what exactly is going on in their own life. It’s very easy too stop or pause, but I think giving up stands out naturally. That happens when people come along and share their opinions and judgments without being asked. Let’s face it, there’s ruthless people out there.  If a women is insecure already and someone judges them about what they want to do or are pursuing, it can get to a woman’s head. This can cause a set backs in our journey or goals we are pursuing.

Most of us go through this at some point in our life and we eventually become stronger and start not giving a shit about what others think.

That’s a big mistake we make sometimes.

The last thing is huge to me and that is over thinking. We analyze so much in our smart brains that we can start making up stories that are not true about our lives or situations.  It can get kind of terrifying at times cause we can also twist things in so many freakin ways, lol. If that starts to happen then I strongly suggest we start positive self talk so we don’t talk ourselves out of any goals we want to achieve. That could be life changing if you ask me..

Photo By: 5twenty1

Photo By: 5twenty1

Q4.  What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?

I would have to say having my children. Being able to be there for them full time and them feel confident they can count on me. Also, the fact they look to me for advice and guidance throughout life.

That is an incredible accomplishment.

Q5.  Tell how you process work load stress or personal stress or just to much coming at you at one time? Ex: Exercise, Meditation, Journal or all the above.

 Exercise for sure, as you feel better mentally and naturally overall. Yoga and Meditation from time to time. I would love to do it all because I feel so much better. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not faithful enough to meditation & yoga as much as I prefer.  Life gets too busy and occupied and by all means I am not using that as an excuse.  That is my personal truth. When is comes to work stress and working on your own career and trying to raise your kids as you want and love and then so many hurdles in life that come along. You just deal with it. Another thing that helps, besides the gym, is having have a movie night with my kids to relax.  That makes me so happy and full of joy.

Lastly, connecting, spending time or chatting with close girlfriends about life life.  It’s always a relief when you can go to a friend that truly knows and understands you and will guide onto the right direction.

Q6. Do you have any beauty secrets?

  • I drink lots of coconut water, it hydrates my skin, leaving an over all glow.
    I swear by that.
  • Also lemon and water as it’s a great antioxidant.
  • I have a few different organic facial cleansers, serum w/ vitamin C & E and moisturizers. For example: Eminence® Organic Skin Care, Derma-E and SKIN CEUTICALS is the best especially the Serum C.
  • I do enjoy incorporating a Mask as well by the same skin care companies.
  • There is a product by the name: ARBONNE, that I am trying for the the 1st time so far I’m loving my results. Not to mention it is a non-harmful product that is 100% organic & vegan.
  • I also use LED light for my face as it de wrinkles lines.
  • I use Perfectio Plus by Gravity Zero and have had incredible results with it leaving my skin hydrated and glowing.
  • Honestly it’s also from really good spas treatments that I have visited while traveling in different cities.

Q7.  If you had the opportunity to speak to one woman, who would it be? (It can be anyone)

Julia Roberts, I have always looked up to her as an idol.

I love how shows up naturally as an actress and seems like a good hearted person on and off set.

Q8.  Any future collaborations in the works?

Yes, I sure do.  I have many in the works that I’m super excited about but, everyone will just have to wait and see, lol

Photo By: Eric Snyder Photography

Photo By: Eric Snyder Photography

Q9. Favorites:

  • What is your favorite blog and why? I do have more than one, but I really do love yours as it’s “real talk” of life with absolutely no secrets. It’s really refreshing to read about the journeys of others and know that nothing is perfect.
  • Favorite shampoo? Schwarzkopf Hair Care
  • Favorite food? I do enjoy many different types of food, but I would have to say Sushi, I love freshness and presentation
  • Favorite movie? “Life As We Know It”

Q11. To date what would you say is your biggest high or greatest win?  Was there someone or something in your life that had the biggest impact on you and why?

My kids and there support, which I can’t ask anymore than that.

Also I love my work and everything that I accomplishing. For the first time in my life I have great guy friends that has showed interest in my work, asks questions and only wants what’s best for me and that really makes me happy. When you have never had someone in your life that genuinely cares about or shows interest in me as a person, it makes a huge impact.  asks a lot of questions regarding my career and shows a lot of interest in me as a person, that alone means a lot which makes a huge impact. It’s very appreciative.

Q12. Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised?

Firstly, I love to cook and bake all the time.

Secondly, I clean like a crazy person lol

My close friends wouldn’t be surprised at all.

On the other hand, My followers on many platforms or the individuals that don’t know me very would be. I say this because, they see my modeling work and portfolios that I share. For some reason I have been told on numerous occasions that some think I do nothing at all, but sit and look pretty like a princess. It’s very comical actually, lol.

Lastly, another thing that would surprise others is I love caring for the elderly. I can’t stress that enough on how it brings so much joy to my life.

Q13. What does the word empowerment mean to you?

To me empowerment means a number of things below:

  • Building women up
  • Standing by them
  • Supporting them
  • Giving them applause when they succeed
  • Being by their side when times get tough or when they need a helping hand to keep pushing to the desired goals
  • An ear to hear from other leaders that have made it through and can build up Women when they need strength to keep going
Photo By: Llobet Photography

Photo By: Llobet Photography

Q14. Below, I want to have a little fun with ya and share with everyone that there is not 1 personality or characteristic you need to have in-order to be a powerhouse boss! You don’t have to be a certain way to be beautiful, successful, strong, smart or talented, just be YOU!

  • Check out fun preferences below:

▫️Pick one or the other:


  • Wilma or Betty (Flintstones): Wilma
  • Gold or Silver: Silver
  • Tom or Jerry: Tom
  • Dogs or Cats: Dogs
  • Chanel or Valentino: Chanel
  • Sweet or Salty: Sweet
  • Summer or winter: Summer
  • Pancakes or waffles: Pancakes
  • Phone Call or Text: Text
  • Sausage or Bacon: Sausage
  • iOS or Android: iOS
  • Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
  • Netflix or YouTube: Netflix
  • Reading Books or Audible Books: Audible Books
  • Instagram or Twitter: Instagram
  • Toilet paper: 1 ply or 2 ply: 2 ply
  • Red or Pink: Red
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: Hot Coffee
  • Country Life or City Life: City Life

(although I really like country life as well)

  • Comedy Movie or Action Movie: Comedy Movie

I have included Bozena’s Social Media Links Below so you can check out her amazing portfolio: Feature for Shred Magazine


Facebook: Bozena Zag

Bio Page: Bozena Zag


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