Featured Entrepreneur: Fanny Ludvigsson
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Photo Credits: Fanny Ludvigsson’s Husband
Episode: #6

Hello Babes,

WOW, when I first laid my eyes on Fanny, I was like who is this GLOWING ANGEL, she must not be from around here, lol!

Then I reached out to her over the Christmas Holiday and told her, “I have to interview you for my women empowerment blog” and she gladly accepted.

Q1. A question I ask all of my featured guest is, What did you want to be growing up?

I have always wanted to be a successful business woman, doing what I love the most, Fashion! Year after year, I still pursue this goal of building my brand and a business.

Q2. Have you always been interested in style?

I have been a shopaholic since day one! I have been putting outfits together for as long as I can remember as it has been my number one hobby.


Q3. What is 1 piece of advise that you can offer other women entrepreneurs looking to build their business online through Instagram?

Hard work always pays off when it comes to social media. Put in the hours and you will get rewarded. I am a firm believer of hard work, and there is no substitute for it when achieving success.



PS:  Also stay tuned for the rest of our amazing interview in my upcoming book.



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