Featured Entrepreneur: Lauryn Evarts

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Photo Credits: Lauryn Evarts and The Skinny Confidential Crew

Episode #2

Pinch me PLEASSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I cannot believe that I had the opportunity to interview THE BLONDE BOMBSHELL herself, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential.  She absolutely freaking rocks in every area!!!!!!!!!!  She inspires the heck out of me and always keeps me laughing.  Now my mom is even loving her because of her humor, sassy style and No BS Tips!!!

I know you will all enjoy this amazing entrepreneur and plus she is a HOT BABE, Killing it in business!

The Skinny Confidential INTERVIEW:

Q1: You’ve built a successful business out of blogging, did you always want to be a blogger? How did you come up with the idea for The Skinny Confidential?

The idea for The Skinny Confidential came about when I was attending San Diego State University. I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of healthy food options on campus… and I was BORED. At the time I was going to school full-time, working days & nights, and teaching reformer Pilates and Pure Barre. Also, I was on a major budget.

So I started modifying all of my meals & the rest is history.

I would take off one side of the bread in a sandwich or swap lettuce for spinach, sweeten coffee with cinnamon, make taco salads, you get it. Then one day I sort of had a lightbulb moment and thought, “why not share my tips and tricks with other women? There’s 20,000 women on campus, they need these tricks too! And shit, I want their tips.”

Since then, The Skinny Confidential has evolved from a fitness and health blog to a community for women all over the world to come & SPILL their tips & tricks. It’s a source of inspiration for women. The Skinny Confidential is also a book, a podcast, and soon to be product line.

Q2: You just had a super intimate wedding in Cabo. Tell us about it.

Michael & I were engaged for 4 years before we tied the knot. We invited our closest friends & family to Cabo for a 4 day wedding celebration.

Q3: What are you working on now? Any books or special projects we should be looking out for?

I’m constantly adding new content to TSC Bombshell Body Guide and Membership. We’re currently working on an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY meal plan, which I can’t wait to share with everyone.

Michael & I are having a blast recording our weekly podcast: The Skinny Confidential: HIM AND HER. We answer business and relationship questions from readers and just shoot the shit. It’s been so much fun to work on a new medium. Podcasting is something we are very focused on right now. Big plans to come.

Also, possibly another book & a product line are in the works. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can find some major realness on The Skinny Confidential.

PS:  Also stay tuned for the rest of our amazing interview in my upcoming book.

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