Photo By: Rex Shooter
Photo By: Rex Shooter
Photo By: Rex Shooter

I am honored to present my next graceful,multi-passionate, talented, BEAUTY, Courtney Paige Nelson in my 41st Episode of “Empowering Women Blog”. Courtney is a woman that I find deeply inspiring, strong, gorgeous inside & out as well as full of creativity..
She is soooo fucking contagious and her BEAUTY mesmerizing. Also she has a voice of an angel that will take your breath away.
When I met Courtney and got to know her story & how she has gotten to where she is today, I was in tears but at the same time empowered AF! I have scoliosis as well and never had to have surgery but I could relate to so many aspects of her journey.

Photo By: Sumanta Muth

Featured Entrepreneur: Courtney Paige Nelson

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Episode # 41

I absolutely ADORE you Courtney & the supernatural force that backs you❤️❤️❤️

Before we get into our interview, I wanted to share her July 2019 feature in Mordant Magazine’s Vol 4 that I purchase🎬📸❤️ (Credits Below and links)

Country Girl for @mordantmagazine
Model @courtneypaigenelson
Photographer/ Videographer @joycevisuals
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Hair stylist @_douglasjack
MUA @samaraelster and Stylist @jorieniris

Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

I didn’t have a specific idea but I always knew I wanted to do something creative.

Photo By: Jora Frantzis

Q2. What has been one of your greatest struggles as a model?

Being a survivor of Scoliosis has been a driving force for my ambition but a roadblock as being taken seriously in an industry that can be very pretentious. People don’t take you seriously for your portfolio of work as much as they fuss over the scar that aligns your back. I cannot tell you how many agencies I have been turned down by because of it. How many jobs I have lost. It is most likely a record number. I don’t mind as much as I’ve gotten older and learned the game. in fact hearing a no is a better driving force to success sometimes because it keeps you grounded and focused. Making the things you accomplish against odds having a higher value.

Below is a Photo Shoot by Sumanta Muth

Make Up Artist: Ashlen with Malibu Glam

Hair Stylist: Stephanie Tiara Lewis

Q3. What motivates you?

Knowing that I have come from a broken childhood and managed to get to where I am now is the daily motivation I need to move forward. Along with wanting to become successful enough to give back and hopefully prevent children from going through what I did. I want to be successful to make other peoples lives easier.

Photo By: Jessica Obeissis

Q4. Please share with our tribe of Women, what has helped you succeed throughout your journey?

I had a very rough abusive childhood. My father wasn’t in my life, my mother was a single mom on welfare with a daily drug problem. She had developed a hoarding issue along with schizophrenia when I was very young. I didn’t have much of a safe haven as our apartment was in shambles and my room had no door. I learned to take care of myself at a very young age. Preparing my meals for school and making sure I was taken care of by myself single handedly. I struggled with severe physical and verbal everyday from my mother. She had Child Protective services called on her many times but without any family to take me on, they allowed me to stay with her. It was extremely hard not having any siblings or other parental figure to turn to and help me. So I grew a very tough backbone learning how to pick myself off the ground, literally. When I was 16 she kicked my out with nothing but a duffle bag of clothes. I had no money, no job experience, no life skills because of how isolated she had kept me. I didn’t know how to get an ID to get a job. I bounced from couches of friends to homeless shelters to sleeping on the street one night. Fast forward to now, I had severe trauma issues but i learned to use it for creating and pushing myself forward in a proper direction. Everything I learned came from myself and I am proud of that.

Q5. Any beauty tips you swear by?

I have the craziest skin routine but the one thing I swear by is NEVER sleeping in makeup, Washing your face morning and night, Wearing sunscreen everyday SPF 50+, and getting hydro- microdermabrasion once a month or any facial once a month.

Courtney has been taking a backseat with only doing modeling and has been focusing on things that aren’t so surface based. She has had the opportunity of writing and singing for many years and finally pushed herself to take it seriously. It has become a way to release her internal pain from how She grew up and totally doing it in a creative manner.

On Stage is Courtney’s Happy Place

She recently recorded her first cover and completed a music production course. Finally Courtney completed her 1st ever Cover Single Recording and released “Hurt” on 9/18/18👇🏼


Here is what she says about her new love, “I’m so excited to be venturing out into the world of music. I realized when you have a gift you shouldn’t hide it or let the fear obtain you from pursuing it.” “It feels nice to be seeking something that gives me a substantial amount of creative expression that isn’t limited.”

Love you Courtney and I am so honored to have you apart of my journey and to be able to connect with you in so many ways love! Thank you for also being apart of my journey, my blog, social media platforms and my special book project that is current being completed. XO Anna

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January 21,2021

Sooo excited to announce Courtney Paige Nelson’s New Single is out tonight at MIDNIGHT

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New Single: “Cease and Desist” Out – Jan. 22, 2021
Photo By: Joyce Charat Producer: Breyer

New Single: “Cease and Desist” Out – Jan. 22, 2021
Photo By: Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich

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