Featured Entrepreneur: Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Episode # 31
Hey Loves!

OMMMGGGGGG, they are soooo contagious!!!!! I can’t get enough!!!

I’m talking about Models Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley of Any Body Co! They are the two hottttest🔥 Aussie Babe’s I have ever laid my eyes on and not to mention killing it out there! Soooo it’s no surprise that they have girls all over the world looking to them to raise awareness and put an end to body shaminig. We have all been there in some point in our life and I love their message!!!!!!❤️💪🏼

These beautiful besties live and breathe their message, and they want all women to be confident, empowered & loved in their skin, no matter the shape, size or color. They want all of us strong women to support one another and quit the on going comparison❤✨💫

✨ I had the opportunity to chat with @georgiagibbs_  & @katewas_ founders of @any.body_co 💪🏼❤️
For those of you who are not familiar, Any Body Co. is Georgia’s Passionate Project, that is sooooo close to her heart, not to mention made with love by both Georgia and Kate. It’s simple, two best friends from Western Australia, both models and women that believe in self love, societal acceptance and learning to quit the comparisons and love, any BODY.

One of their favorite motto’s is.. “Create your own sunshine ☀️” I freaking LOVE that! 🔥 One of my motto’s that I have always said is: “You are the creator of your own destiny in life” and that just pairs with it beautifully because if it is Sunshine you want, then create it!! #LoveAnyBODY

Are you ready to get EMPOWERED & INSPIRED by the most talented duo?

Well, let me introduce you to two entrepreneur’s that have worked their buns off to make their dreams come true and the dreams of others come true as well.
Please welcome Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley to my blog✍🏻 for a sneak peek of their feature in my upcoming book


Q1. What did you want to be growing up Kate?

I always wanted to do something creative or helping people… I just never really knew what. I love art so for a while I thought art teaching would be a good option. It wasn’t until I finished highshool that I found my passion for health and nutrition… a big focus of my health course at uni was body image.

Q2. Who is Georgia Gibbs?

Georgia Gibbs, is from Perth, and one of the modeling game’s most in-demand faces, has mastered reality TV (as contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model), the pageant circuit (a Miss Universe Australia 2014 finalist), and is currently one half of a beautiful people power couple (with Liverpool soccer player Danny Ings). Sizzle🔥😍
Who is Kate Wasley?

Kate Wasley, is just a 22year old Perth girl, currently living In Sydney. I’m a full time model with a serious addiction to mangos and a passion for promoting a healthy body image and life style👙

Q3. The both of you are so freaking gorgeous, how did y’all meet?

Oh thank you Anna!!!!

We met a few years back in Perth through mutual friends. But it wasn’t until I moved to Sydney where Georgia had been living and modelling for a year or so that we really connected. I was new to Sydney and knew no one. Georgia was kind enough to adopt me into her group of beautiful girlfriends and we’ve been besties ever since!

Q4. What is your favorite part of working together?

What’s not to love about working with your bestie!? Haha.
I think the opportunity to spread our message and have each other for support 100% of the time!…traveling the world together is also a massive plus!

Q5. Tell us about ANY BODY?

The idea came about after we posted a photo together on a night out on social media. To our surprise it got a massive response, lots of girls commenting on how great we looked together and also many shocked at the difference in our bodies with some accusing the image of being photoshopped to make Georgia look smaller and me bigger in the process. We were so shocked that a simple photo of two friends got such a mixed response. It occurred to us that people aren’t actually used to seeing a size 6 and a size 16 together on social media. We got talking about body image and how passionate we are about putting a stop to body shaming and promoting the message that health comes in many shapes and sizes. Then we thought why not turn all this body shaming and negativity into a positive, and we created AnyBody!

Q6. What are y’all currently working on? Any future collaborations the both of you want to share for 2017?

Georgia & Kate: We have so much to do in the future, we are so excited! Currently planning a trip to America & UK to work on AnyBody and get some exciting footage for our upcoming YouTube channel

PS:  Also stay tuned for the rest of our amazing interview in my upcoming book.



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