Ending August with my next BLOG Feature will inspire you to the core and when you read her “WHY”, it will melt your heart. 

Meet Francine Weinberg, MBA, PMP + Inventor of SnacTripster, before we dive into our interview, here is a brief synopsis on how Francine came up with this brilliant idea.  

While taking the bus home from work one day, Francine saw a mother struggling to feed her child ,balancing the lid and trying to hold the food container while feeding him – a difficult task on a moving bus. Weinberg thought that there had to be a better way that is when she came up with the idea behind SnacTripster.

She researched online and found that there were not any convenient, portable leak-proof containers with attached lids available on the market that would be more convenient to feed kids in those circumstances. The product’s compact size enables it to fit as comfortably in a diaper bag as it does in a kid’s lunch box.

Like many families, Weinberg has family members with disabilities. SnacTripster has unique and patented features like the attached lid, making it much easier for kids with special needs to grab and hold onto. As Weinberg put it, “Welcome to SnacTripster! It’s built to help kids bring healthy food from home instead of buying unhealthy prepackaged snack food. SnacTripster is the ONLY durable and complete food travel kit that replaces single-use plastics. It’s Food Travel Made Fun!”

The containers come with fun SnacTripster Stickers that let kids fuel their imaginations. With images of the “Baby Dragon,” “Gamer Monster” and more, the stickers make food travel fun. The SnacTripster stickers are durable, removable, and reusable. 

Weinberg and SnacTripster are also on a mission to save the oceans. Nearly 40 percent of all plastic produced is for single-use packaging, and much of that plastic waste winds up littering the oceans and killing wildlife. SnacTripster was designed to replace single-use plastic that litters the oceans. The containers are BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. SnacTripster is FDA certified food safe for children six months and older. 

Now let’s dive deep into our amazing interview💛🌼🎙✍🏽

Francine Weinberg

MBA + PMP + Inventor of SnacTripster

Featured Entrepreneur: Francine Weinberg, MBA, PMP + Inventor of SnacTripster 

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa 

Episode: # 68

Date: 08/27/2021



Q1.   What did you want to be growing up?

I think it depended on the day.  My childhood goals varied from becoming an astronaut to a paratrooper in the Army (LOL) and then President of the United States.  Funny thing is, my Mother indulged in all these lofty goals!

Her typical response was always, “You can do anything you want to do, you just have to work really hard for it”

SnacTripster: Did you know?

SnacTripster: Did you know?

Q2. Tell us all about you and the story of how you have gotten to this point in your life?

This is a hard question, actually.  I have re-invented myself several times over my life as my interests evolved.  When I was in high school, I wanted to go to Engineering school – at a time when girls NEVER studied Engineering, so I went and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.  Then I decided Engineering wasn’t for me, so I went into sales, and then later, consulting.  Then I decided to get an MBA and became a long time consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Then one day I was on the bus on my way home from work and saw a Mom struggling to feed her child.  She was balancing the food container on one knee and her child on the other.  It looked really difficult and I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to feed her child.  I couldn’t find any products online that I thought would help Moms in those positions, so I decided to invent it.    This is where I am now, that I am an inventor.

SnacTripster: Did you know?

SnacTripster: Did you know?

Q3.  What do you think are the three biggest mistakes women make when it comes to achieving their goals?
I think they are as follows:

  • Giving up too soon.  Success does not come easily and sometimes does not arrive in the timeline you imagined.
  • Being too forgiving.  People working with you are not there to be your friend, they are working to support your business.  Make sure their interests and goals align with your business
  • Stop wishful thinking or daydreaming.  Wishful thinking is very dangerous.  You can’t “wish” yourself into success, you have to earn it.
SnacTripster: Did you know?

SnacTripster: Did you know?

Q4.  What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?

My patents and of course my product invention.  SnacTripster – BPA Free, Eco-Friendly and Leak-Proof Food Travel Kit SnacTripster – BPA Free, Eco-Friendly and Leak-Proof Food Travel Kit



SnacTripster is a BPA-free snack food travel kit. It’s durable, reusable, eco-friendly and easy to clean.

I have patents issued all over the world.  Im very proud of that……



Q5.  Tell how you process workload stress or personal stress or just too much coming at you at one time? Ex: Workout/Exercise, Meditation, Journal or all the above.

I typically go for long walks and try to clear my head.

SnacTripster: Did you know?

SnacTripster: Did you know?

Q6. If you could speak to one woman from history, who would it be? 

Hedy Lamarr who was an inventor of a new way to transmit communications called Frequency-hopping spread spectrum, which is a method of transmitting radio signals by rapidly changing the carrier frequency among many distinct frequencies occupying a large spectral band.  She worked with others to invent this method as a way to guide underwater torpedoes that can’t be hacked into.

This transmission method later became the basis of modern cell phone technology.  The sad thing is that she never really got the credit she deserved for this invention.

Hedy Lamarr in the Heavently Body. Move of MGM (1944) Actress to Inventor

Hedy Lamarr in the Heavently Body. Move of MGM (1944)
Actress to Inventor

Hedy Lamar: Did you know?

Hedy Lamarr: Did you know?

Q7. How do you balance your entrepreneur life with friends or family members that don’t understand the challenges we experience?

I have a grueling work schedule so I make time on the weekends to rest.  I don’t plan a lot on the weekend so i can make sure i am resting



Q8. Do you have any mentors or coaches?

In my life, my Mother’s cousin who is like my surrogate father, he has been my inspiration, motivation and coach for most of my life.  He is now turning 90 years old

Q9. What makes your business unique?

It’s very rare for women to invent products, and my passion in life is to raise awareness of inventing to women.  So my business is unique because it is based on my own inventions.



Q10. What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business?

Be clear about your “WHY“.  Why are you starting your own business?  You will have many ups and downs in your business, and it will be a rollercoaster ride, so the more you feel your “why”, the more likely you will stick it out.

The harder you work, the longer you try, your odds of success increase.  All of this is related to your “WHY

SnacTripster: Did you know?

SnacTripster: Did you know?

Q11. I want to have a little fun with ya. You don’t have to be a certain personality to be beautiful, successful, smart or talented, just be you👇🏽
Check out fun preferences below:

▫️Pick one or the other:

 *   Gold or Silver: Silver
 *   Gucci or Balenciaga: Gucci
 *   Dogs or Cats:  Dogs
 *   Nike or Puma: Nike
 *   Sweet or Salty: Sweet
 *   Summer or winter: Summer
*   Pancakes or waffles: Waffles
 *   Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
 *   Netflix or YouTube: Youtube
 *   Reading Books or Audible Books:  Audible
 *   Instagram or Twitter: Instagram
 *   Toilet paper: 1 ply or 2 ply: LOL – either one
 *   Red or Pink:  Pink
 *   Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee:  Hot coffee
 *   Comedy Movie or Action Movie: Action movie

Meet Francine Weinberg

Meet Francine Weinberg

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