Kathy A. Davis CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Kathy A. Davis
CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

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June is over tomorrow, wow!

Years and Years ago before I had even started my multiple platforms or toiled with the idea, I met a gorgeous soul in one of the courses I was apart of and we just connected.  Now I am so excited to be able to interview her on my blog because she is so much fun and we have so many similarities in our core values and beliefs!!!!

Omggg and her Cookbook is sent from Heaven, especially since I am not one you’ll find in the kitchen. So when I’m wanting to surprise my guests and even myself, lol- I will be grabbing this amazing cookbook.

The title says it all and you will love every dish in here🌟

Thank you again, Kathy🍃🌼🍃

Side Note:

I am personally not totally 💯 Vegan, but over the last 10+ years I have adopted a lot of the Vegan ways and love it.   You could say I’m a part-time Vegan, a very clean eater and this August I will be celebrating 13 years of eating totally KETO.

I love Kathy’s Dishes and has so many tips to share, not to mention she’s a BEAST in the Kitchen, so go visit her IG Page @veginspired to see exactly what I’m talking about💃🏻 I always start drooling at all the delicious gourmet dishes she makes when I see her posts👀

Also you do not have to be 💯 VEGAN to enjoy these delicious cuisines, it is for everyone 🥒🥬🥦🫑 With that said, My next Blog Feature is the talented Kathy A. Davis CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach of VegInspired LLC

Kathy’s info will be at the end of our interview🎙 so you can go FOLLOW her on all platforms!


Thank you again Kathy for joining me in my journey, my growth, my separation, now divorce and being apart of my many platforms and Blog. Love you sooooo very much! 

Lets dive into all things Healthy, Fun and GREEN🥒🥦🌟💛🎙✍🏽🥒🥑

Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook - By: Kathy A. Davis

Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook – By: Kathy A. Davis

Kathy A. Davis

CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Featured Entrepreneur: Kathy A. Davis – CEO & Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa 

Episode: # 62

Date: 06/29/2021

Kathy A. Davis CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Kathy A. Davis
CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Q1.   What did you want to be growing up?

A teacher or a veterinarian, my love of educating other and saving animals have always been my passions – and now I educate others on how to eat more plants (and less animal products).  It’s a beautiful synergy!



Q2. Tell us all about you and the story of how you have gotten to this point in your life?

Growing up in a small suburb, I had a pretty normal life living the American Dream with my parents and brother and dog. I went off to college at St. Bonaventure to study teaching and stuck around to get my Master’s Degree. I would say that I’ve always been someone who dreamed big and “walked to the tune of my own drum.”

I was lucky enough to meet my husband in college and together we truly have created a life we love. 

I did become the teacher I aspired to be  – I taught 4th and 5th grade for about 7 years before relocating to Pittsburgh, PA and working in business administration and finance – a huge pivot, I know.  I found my love of business and entrepreneurship in those small companies and knew that eventually I would start my own business, just not sure what that would look like. 

In late 2013, my husband introduced the idea of plant-based eating to me after coming across some contradictory information on health and wellness.  I was pretty ’stuck in my ways’ and dug my heels in on transitioning to a … eek.. VEGAN DIET!  but after about 6 months of experimenting with plant-based foods and recipes, I found I loved the way I felt and the foods and meals I was eating, and I decided vegan wasn’t so bad.  

In 2015 I launched VegInspired.com a lifestyle brand focusing on inspiring others to #eatmoreplants. I have been creating and sharing recipes and mentoring others toward their plant-based or vegan lifestyle through social media and blog content since.  

In 2018 my husband and I made a life changing decision to sell our home and move into a fifth-wheel RV with our 3 cats to travel the United States, with a specific goal to see the National Parks (and secretly for me – to chase ‘flip-flop weather’). With the cats in tow, we’ve now visited 17 US states and 12 national parks  (I am writing this from outside Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah!

Many people ask how we could make such a huge life decision and how long we plan to do this. Honestly, for us the timing felt right. My husband works remotely for a company and my job was remote for about a year and then I decided to branch out on my own and fully focus on VegInspired.  We don’t really see an end in sight. The beauty of the US keeps us motivated and excited to continue on to our next location and our favorite places keep us coming back for more.  We will be wintering in FL for our 3rd time in 2022 and we are looking forward to getting back to the Everglades for some hikes and bike rides. 

Taking VegInspired on the road was a huge decision in our RV choice, I wanted a kitchen where I could continue to cook “normal meals” like my followers and a place that would make a good back drop for YouTube videos (www.youtube.com/veginspired) so it seemed natural to make the pivot to VegInspired full time. It was about that time that I “cleaned up“ my vegan diet to eat more whole foods to lose some excess weight, feel good about myself, and increase my energy. So I started documenting what I was going through. After about 6 months I had lost 30 pounds, created amazing meals, and felt energized and extremely joyful.  Which in turn lead to an opportunity to author a cookbook. 

Creating the 30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook was hard work. It took tenacity, consistency, planning, and a lot of dishwashing (haha). But it blossomed within me a confidence I had lost over the years about my recipes. It has given me back the passion for inspiring others and the feedback I get on the recipes and book fills my heart with so much joy. That cookbook is a collection over 100 recipes from breakfasts and snacks to soups and main dishes. It truly was a fun adventure to write it and I did it all from the RV.  Right on that cookbook’s tails I released my second cookbook, the Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook. That that is a new collection of over 100 recipes tat fall into one of these super easy categories: no-cook, 30-minute, one-pot, and 5 ingredients.  The recipes are very easy to make with simple ingredients you can find in most hometown groceries stores and fall into one of .  

My weight loss journey and creating a lifestyle I didn’t need a diet from taught me that mindset is a key to lifestyle. I merged mindset, delicious recipes, and my own experiences in o a framework to help busy people adopt a plant-based lifestyle that become their “way of life” without stress in the kitchen or constantly asking “what am I going to eat.” Through my coaching program I work daily to guide, inspire, and help my clients create their dream plant-based lifestyle. Together we work through circumstances and situations to create daily habits that lead to satisfaction with the foods and an overall sense of happiness.

Kathy A. Davis CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Kathy A. Davis
CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Q3.  What do you think are the three biggest mistakes women make when it comes to achieving their goals?

  • self-sabotage and deprecating self-talk
  • not standing up for themselves or thinking they aren’t good enough
  • not putting themselves and their ideas as a priority


Q4.  What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?

A few years ago I would have said earning my master’s degree was my most treasured accomplishments, but now I would have to say my first published cookbook is my most treasured accomplishment.  The emotions I have for that cookbook and what it has done for my confidence and my personal and professional growth are immeasurable.

30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook - By: Kathy A. Davis

30-Minute Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cookbook – By: Kathy A. Davis

Q5.  Tell how you process work load stress or personal stress or just to much coming at you at one time? Ex: Exercise, Meditation, Journal or all the above.

Slowing down and taking a step back.  

What is your Personal Process?

Daily habits. My personal process is about creating daily habits that I don’t need to de-stress from. When I feel a little stress or overwhelm start to rear it’s ugly head, I recognize that it is a sign of growth or disorganization. I have found, by  slowing down and taking a step back I can pause to evaluate the situation or circumstance and really allow my brain (and heart) to navigate what I am feeling.  Sometimes I grab a book or even my adult Mandala Coloring book to get my brain on something creative.

Delicious Plant-Based Foods By: Kathy A. Davis

Delicious Plant-Based Foods By: Kathy A. Davis

Q6. Do you have any beauty secrets?

Moisturize!  Hydration for our skin is extremely important.  

I used to work in cosmetics and I would tell people we want our skin to by hydrated like a grape, not dried out like a raisin.  Moisturize!

Kathy A. Davis

Kathy A. Davis

Q7.  Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming successful, you are killing it?

Thank you! I believe that successfully people put blinders on and run.  We are naturally curious, so we often get distracted by different shiny objects, but when we choose one path and run it consistently for a decided amount of time, we find ourselves further along than if we detoured at each fork to check out the “new thing”  Consistency is the key!



Q8. Favorites:

  • What is your favorite podcast and why? The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, by Kelly Roach. Her drive, passion for service, and tips keep me motivated and excited.
  • Favorite food? Tacos – vegan of course, filled with anything from beans, to vegetables, to potatoes and more!
  • Favorite quote? 

“Be the Change you wish to see in the world.” ~Ghandi

  • Favorite movie? 

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.  Lol – nothing like a good chick flick. 

Refined Sugar-Free Cut-Out Cookies

Refined Sugar-Free Cut-Out Cookies

Q9. Do you sing in the shower?

No, but I do have a “steering wheel” mic!  Lol!  

I love driving with the windows down belting the lyrics to my favorite country songs.

Kathy A. Davis CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Kathy A. Davis
CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Q11. I want to have a little fun with ya and share with everyone that there is not 1 personality or characteristic you need hold in-order to be a powerhouse boss! You don’t have to be a certain way to be beautiful, successful, smart or talented, just be you👇🏽Check out fun preferences below:

▫️Pick one or the other:

  • Wilma or Betty (Flintstones): Wilma
  • Gold or Silver: White Gold – lol –
  • Tom or Jerry: Tom
  • Dogs or Cats:  Cats
  • Sweet or Salty: Salty
  • Summer or winter: Summer/flip flop weather
  • Pancakes or waffles: Waffles
  • Phone Call or Text: Text
  • iOS or Android: iOS
  • Diamonds or Pearls: Diamond’s
  • Netflix or YouTube: YouTube
  • Reading Books or Audible Books: Reading Print Books
  • Instagram or Twitter: Instagram
  • Toilet paper: 1 ply or 2 ply:  2ply
  • Red or Pink: Pink
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: hot coffee – Black
  • Country Life or City Life: Country Life
  • Comedy Movie or Action Movie: Comedy
Kathy A. Davis CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Kathy A. Davis
CEO + Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

Kathy A. Davis 
Email: kathy@veginspired.com

CEO & Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach, VegInspired LLC

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My Cookbooks:

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Super Easy Plant-Based

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