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Beautiful Babes,

That fast and Summer is now in Full Swing☀️🌸🍸👙

My Hannah has now officially graduated🎓 and has a new chapter unfolding.

College: Wow🤩

Looking back, It was like just the other day I was carting her to and from grade school, softball practices and tournaments.
We always knew she would play College Softball!!!! She dreamed of it 
since she was 5 years old when she started Instructional T-Ball.

I’ll never forget she was on a team called the Yankees and there was only about 2 girls on it, but she didn’t care.  Then when the T-Ball Season was over we took her on her first trip to New York to see the Yankees Play their last game in the Old Original Yankee Stadium, what an experience for her.

I still can’t believe she remembers everything about that trip and we still talk about it today 🗽🚕❤️

Now she’ll embark on her own journey of self discovery, college life with college softball, a dorm experience with room mates❤️👸🏻just to name a few things.

I’m truly proud of her and the endless possibilities that are available to her.

I can say she is definitely ready and will approach it with open arms.

Stay tuned for more…………

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Ohhhhhh I can’t wait to present my next Blog Feature! She will melt your heart and soooo much more💛 She recently sent me her book as a gift and it just blew me away. Totally love this book because, like her I was on this journey and it’s an unbelievable story!  This is a must read and it will keep you turning the page to see what unfolds next for her. Lou Who? captures readers heart, mind and gives them play by play on how she navigates life, her divorce, getting back into dating, what healing was done mentally and physically in order to keep going.  It will uplift you and inspire you to complete what you have started in your life or if you haven’t taken the plunge yet. You will after reading Lou Who?.

At the end of our Interview I’ll include all the info for Louise 🎙 so you can go FOLLOW her various platforms!


Thank you for joining me in my journey and being apart of my many platforms, Blog and my upcoming Book📚

Lets dive in and Welcome Louise💖🎙✍🏽

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Author of Best Seller “Lou Who?”

Featured Entrepreneur: Louise Johnson – Best Selling Author of “Lou Who?”

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa 

Episode # 60

Date: 05/31/2021

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

Growing up, I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot! As a child, I moved to Egypt, from Scotland, with my family. We travelled a lot, but I always thought it was so glamorous.  What an incredible way to see the world.

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson


Q2. Tell us all about you and the story of how you have gotten to this point in your life?  

I’m originally from Scotland, grew up in Egypt, then after finishing my education in Scotland I found myself married and separated by the time I was 28. At that time decide to then move to Vancouver, Canada to rebuild myself and my life to its entirety.

Meanwhile I’d built a career in sales and marketing within the luxury hotel and then the tech industry, but at the age of 35, I decided to write a book about building my life 2.0 and all the lessons I’ve learnt so far.

I published Lou Who? In the summer of 2020.

Lou Who? By: Louise Johnson

Lou Who? By: Louise Johnson

Q3. What do you think are the three biggest mistakes women make when it comes to achieving their goals?

Allowing imposter syndrome to consume us – we should all aim to have the confidence of a privileged white man.

Believing we have to follow society’s prescribed timeline – school, job, marriage, kids is NOT for everyone.

Thinking someone else’s success leaves less success for ourselves – women supporting women is where it’s at!

Quote from “Lou Who?” By: Louise Johnson

Quote from “Lou Who?” By: Louise Johnson


Q4. What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?

Self publishing my debut memoir, Lou Who?

Lou Who? By: Louise Johnson

Lou Who? By: Louise Johnson

Q5. Tell how you process work load stress or personal stress or just too much coming at you at one time? Ex: Exercise, Meditation, Journal or all the above. What is your Personal Process?

I workout everyday. It’s the one thing that keeps me sane. And I prioritize sleep over everything else.

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Q6. Do you have any beauty secrets to your amazing?

Sleep. And no alcohol.

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Q7. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming successful?

  • Learning from the things that didn’t go your way, and growing from them.
  • Listening to other people’s stories- their lessons can also be a short cut to learn from.
  • As for your own life experience: you have to be able to make it all count – in both the good and the bad!
Louise and Gunner

Louise and Gunner

Q8. If you could speak to one woman from history, who would it be?  

My maternal grandmother.

I didn’t appreciate the wisdom she had when she was still here, so I never took advantage of being able to ask her questions.

I’d love to know more about her experiences growing up through the war and to also understand more about our familial trauma.

I believe there’s a lot in our family which I’m learning can be passed genetically through generations.

Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Q9. What are you currently working on?

Any future collaborations you want to share?

I’m getting back to writing my dating blog (www.divorcedanddatingat30.com) – there’s still many

stories to tell and I’m also starting to think through second book possibilities.

Whether it’s a follow up to Lou Who?, a prequel or a sequel, or a totally different type of book.

I’m toying with the idea of stories of children of divorce. Similar to the human condition, there are many similar threads in all the stories despite the experiences being often very different.

Divorced & Dating at 30

Divorced & Dating at 30

Q10. Favorites:

  • What is your favorite podcast and why? Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel. It’s recorded therapy sessions with couples and it’s fascinating. You get to be a fly on the wall, and it’s an incredible look at relational dynamics, communication styles and personal needs being met and abandoned.
  • Favorite shampoo? John Frieda Blonde
  • Favorite food? Steak
  • Favorite quote? “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens”. – Khalil Gibran
  • Favorite movie? Legends of the Fall
Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

Q11. Do you sing in the shower?

I ALWAYS have music playing when I’m in the shower, and so, yes I ALWAYS sing! And dance…

Lou Who?

Lou Who?

Q12. I want to have a little fun with ya and share with all of you that there is not 1 personality or characteristic you need to be a powerhouse boss! You don’t have to be a certain way to be beautiful, successful, smart or talented, just be you!

 Check out fun preferences below:

️Pick one or the other:

  • Wilma or Betty (Flintstones): Wilma
  • Gold or Silver: Gold
  • Tom or Jerry: Jerry
  • Dogs or Cats: Dogs
  • Chanel or Valentino: Valentino
  • Sweet or Salty: Sweet
  • Summer or winter: Summer
  • Pancakes or waffles: Pancakes
  • Phone Call or Text: Call
  • Sausage or Bacon: Bacon
  • iOS or Android: iOS
  • Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
  • Netflix or YouTube: Netflix
  • Reading Books or Audible Books: Reading Books
  • Instagram or Twitter: Instagram
  • Toilet paper: 1 ply or 2 ply 2 Ply
  • Red or Pink: Red
  • Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: Hot Coffee
  • Country Life or City Life: City LIfe
  • Comedy Movie or Action Movie: Comedy Movie
Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson

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