Photo By: Marija Timotijevic of Studio One

Photo By: Marija Timotijevic of Studio One

Today’s Blog Episode is so refreshing✍🏽🧡

My next blog feature is adaptable, resilient and inspiring⭐️💫🤩 She’s definitely a women to watch for so many reason and I can’t wait to dive into our interview so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Meet Daniela Alpert – Entrepreneur + Mom + Co-Founder of “Shyft Moving

Thank you again Daniela for being apart of my blog and for joining my various platforms 🧡🌅⛵️🏖

Without further adieu, let’s welcome Daniela to the blog ………

Daniela Alpert

Entrepreneur + Co-Founder of “Shyft Moving

Featured Entrepreneur: Daniela Alpert – Entrepreneur + Mom + Co-Founder of “Shyft Moving

Interviewed by: Anna Svetlik De La Rosa 

Episode: # 88

Date: 01/30/2022


Q1.   What did you want to be growing up?

I’ve always connected with people so I definitely wanted to work with them from a young age – initially as a child psychologist or a teacher.

Photo By: Marija Timotijevic of Studio One

Photo By: Marija Timotijevic of Studio One

Q2. Tell us all about you and the story of how you have gotten to this point in your life?  

I was just another girl living the corporate world dream. Cubicle life, water cooler gossip, hour lunches at the same ‘regular’ spot, one-on-ones, work friends that become best friends – you know the story. 

There were probably 3 or 4 points in my 12 year corporate career where I was tempted to go into another industry besides moving and relocation. I think the term is ‘stuck in a rut’ – before I knew it, 10 years went by and changing industries became almost impossible. It became comfortable – it was an industry I knew pretty well, and I was competent enough to excel at it. 

Q3.  What do you think are the three biggest mistakes women make when it comes to achieving their goals?

We all make mistakes – that’s how we learn. It is the inability to recognize these mistakes and turn them into drive or opportunities where we, as women, often fall short. Now my views are a little left field, but I feel that incorporating these three things has helped me thrive and achieve my goals. 

Women are not selfish enough

The simple truth is that taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a luxury – it’s an essential part of being a successful person. The more that you are juggling, the greater the need to take care of yourself. 

If you’re feeling too comfortable – panic. 

Sure, our comfort zones are a safe bet, but when you want massive change in any area of your life – you NEED to be ok with getting uncomfortable! Instead of wanting something, or dreaming about a change, just make one single decision today that will get you closer to your goal – whatever it is!

The future is monotasking. Women pride themselves on multitasking – but just because you’re juggling multiple things at home and the office doesn’t mean that you should be doing them all at once. Embracing monotasking has allowed me to be more focused and present at work and at home. When I need to lend an ear, I am there and when I need to make things happen, I do.

Photo By: Marija Timotijevic of Studio One

Photo By: Marija Timotijevic of Studio One

Q4.  What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?

The opportunity to raise children and build a business is a privilege of a lifetime, one that I am truly grateful for.

Q5.  Tell how you process workload stress or personal stress or just too much coming at you at one time? Ex: Exercise, Meditation, Journal or all the above.

There are a number of ways. I like to journal, I write in my blog and use social media as a positive outlet, but my best stress relief comes from sweating in a HIIT class or practicing Yoga. I always thought it was something I didn’t have or believed in. Through my practice I was able to see my spiritual health as something far more deeply than I previously had. Mind over matter.

What is your Personal Process?

For me self-care is about prioritizing time to fill my buckets of feel good activities – this includes working out and meeting with friends- if it feeds my soul, I consider it a must – and that’s good for me and those around me. That’s my personal process – quick evaluation of an activity and then dive right in with the correct intentions.

Meet Daniela

Meet Daniela

Q6. Do you have any beauty secrets?

Water, water, water. Moisturizer on face and neck.  Laugh – a lot. Love. And balance – that’s the most important. 

I truly believe that if you nurture your vessel, your beauty radiates.



Q7.  Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming successful, you are killing it?

Thank you. I think that if we, as women, can tap into our confidence, and nurture the goddess within, we can do anything. That’s the formula – believe in yourself, be flexible, adapt, and fail – often.  

The believe in yourself part is hard – I suffered from impostor syndrome for the longest time (I even wrote a blog about it). What you have to realize is your worth and value in the things that you have achieved, that others have praised you for and that you’re great at. The only way to stop feeling like an impostor is to stop thinking like an impostor.

Quote By: Daniela

Quote By: Daniela

Q8.  If you could speak to one woman from history, who would it be?

My grandma is a real inspiration for me! She was 15 when she came to the US – she didn’t know the language, but she had a vision. She was going to create a better life for her and her family. 

She was the creator of her own destiny. 

We’re a family originating from immigrants, entrepreneurs, believers and I count my blessings everyday she is with us! I would like to spend more time with her now, instead of speaking with anyone from history.

Meet Daniela

Meet Daniela

Q9.  Any future collaborations you want to share?

Well, we’re in the process of moving our HQ to Miami – so I have this deep desire for new connections – I am beyond excited to tap into that network and I have some great ideas brewing on how we can collaborate as a community there.

Q10. Favorites:

Favorite Shampoo: Loving Monat products these days in high humidity my curls are very happy 🙂 

Favorite Food: My Nonna’s Eggplant Rollatini 

Favorite Movie: A Bronx Tail

Favorite quote:

 “Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail” 

Quote By: Daniela

Quote By: Daniela

Q11. Do you sing in the shower?

Hell to the YES!

Shyft Moving

Shyft Moving

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