Featured Entrepreneur: Alyi V

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Episode # 37

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I am beyond excited to share some of my interview with all of you of Alyi V’s journey because she is sooooo muthafuking inspiring. Before I dive into my interview with this Influencing Powerhouse, I have to tell you to go check out Alyi V’s podcast with Tahiry Jose and Jessenia Vice called ‘Sincerely, it’s a must listen! It is soooo Hilarious, raw and very ‘Sincere’.


There’s nothing more empowering than a group of strong women who have each others’ backs and lift each other up, I had the honor of hanging with Alyi V and all her girls in New York last June and we had soooooo much freaking fun. I was a sponsor for Jessica Castro’s 1st Women’s Inspiring Women Event. It was a weekend filled with inspiration, fun, networking and all things Women Empowerment!

She knew at a young age that she wanted to be in the entertainment industry but it took one of her early interviews while interning and shooting a video to be the next host of BET’s 106 & Park to know that this was what she wanted to do. Now she is hosting her own, which you can checkout the latest and 1st episode of #GrowingUpLatina featuring @ChachiNation on you-tube! Get into it 🎥❤🇺🇸

I loved the fact that I could switch roles with her and be the interviewer because she is the one that is use to doing that.

Alyi V is a NYC Native and an entrepreneur at heart. She is & On-Air personality- Sirius-XM for HipHop Nation – Co-Host, she 🔑Covers Urban & Latino News, 📺 Contributor on TMZ. Not to mention, founder of her Brand: Alyi V, Podcast: Sincerely, Dine w/ Alyi V, Growing Up Latina and Alyi V Daily, where she strides to deliver the celebrity news on trending topics & pop culture that everyone else crave!!! Dine with Alyi V will cater to all your party and entertainment needs. Alyi V has done interviews with dozens of household names like Amber Rose, Lala Anthony, Kid Ink, Malik Yoba, Mack Wilds, Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, and Angela Yee just to name a few. (Alyi V promotes her brand through You-Tube, Twitter, Snapchat. Facebook, and Instagram). Or you can google that shit!

Q1. What drew you to want to be in the public eye?

I always had a lot of respect for people who are in the public eye as I always felt like they had the courage to live their dreams out loud. They are fearless. To a certain extent I feel like I have that quality in me. Fearlessness. Although at times, as any normal person would I get nervous, all in all I am never afraid to tell people my dreams but most importantly – show them my dreams.

Q2. How do you generate new ideas for your Sirius-XM (HipHop Nation) Radio Show?

In order to generate new ideas for Sirius XM HipHop Nation Radio Show, I always try to keep my ear out in the streets and the public and my fans usually tell me what they want and I listen. This usually tells me what next steps to take. I like to be innovative and create fresh new ideas while staying true to the Hip Hop culture.

Partner in Crime: DJ Suss One

Q3. What is your favorite aspect of being an female entrepreneur?

My favorite part of being a female entrepreneur is the freedom to be able to live out my dreams in an era where women are encouraged to pursue their professional dreams. The best part of being a female entrepreneur is that I am constantly rediscovering myself. You can be as creative and innovative as you want, the possibilities are endless.

Q4. Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Jay Z

Per Alyi, “Believe You Can Speak Things Into Existence .
This moment is SOOO surreal to me!!! I still cannot believe that today my name, my brand is literally in Time Square, New York City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of!! This is honestly a dream come true for me! My journey hasn’t always been easy but it has ALWAYS been so worth it! I literally had a convo with @lady_dag telling her that I am not stopping my grind anytime soon. I told her that I wanted to see my name in lights in Time Square – that it WILL happen! I don’t know how or when but it WILL!!! Now, look D! I can’t thank you enough for believing in me, my brand, my grind, my progression and contributing to my success. There are times that people don’t understand why I push so hard or question my destination in my journey but it’s not for everyone to understand. My vision, my belief, my faith in me is soo strong and nothing or no one can break that. Today was one of those ‘ah-haa’ moments that Oprah always speak of lol. I believe you can manifest anything you want in your life! There’s nothing you can’t do!! Don’t just go and have a good day go and CREATE your day!!! Glory be to Him!”

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