Featured Entrepreneur: Chelsey Rose
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Photo Credits: Chelsey Rose
Episode: #7

She blogs, she creates, she writes.  That’s not all, she is a health and fitness guru!!!!  I’m talking about Chelsey Rose.  Such a breath of fresh air.  When I 1st came across Chelsey she was modeling one of those cute Calvin Klein Sports Bra’s with matching tights looking hot!!!  Then I started stalking her on Instagram and she has so many healthy tips that I just couldn’t resist in asking her to join my Women Empowerment Blog & Book.

So that is how it all started MY LOVES!

Chelsey Rose, blogger and creator of Chelsey Rose Health, has created a space where women, ages 18-35, can go to and get lost in pages of healthy-lifestyle content. She explores everything from at-home workouts and fitness tips to quick slim tips, beauty tips, girl talk, and busy girl plant-based recipes. All while remaining relatable, Chelsey understands that women in this age group are fairly social, which makes living a healthy lifestyle seem almost unattainable. She reminds her readers that balance is key and “a cocktail isn’t going to kill you.” Mixing realness with a little bit of sass, www.chelseyrosehealth.com is your next stop for uninhibited lifestyle tips, workouts, great aesthetics and advice.


Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

Growing up I always really liked writing. I told everyone that it was my favorite subject but I never considered doing anything with it. Then once I was in high school, I took some photography classes and fell in love with that but again, didn’t think to pursue it after high school.
I’m actually very interested in psychology and why people are the way they are so I ended up thinking I wanted to be a counselor or therapist haha. Weird how things turn out.

Q2. How did you get started in Health and Fitness?

Growing up I played soccer and I got my black belt in Taekwondo so I was always very active. Then there came a point that trying to keep up with school and play sports was too much so I stopped playing sports, kept eating like a teenager and packed on an unwanted 15-20 pounds.
I remember going bathing suit shopping with my mom and I just started crying. I didn’t recognize the person i was looking at and I knew I had to do something.
I started going to the gym every day for 30 minutes – 1 hour of cardio and abs.
Then I spent 3 months training for a fitness competition and realized that I had more mental strength that I thought.
This is when I also started to realize that I didn’t want to be eating turkey and chicken everyday. I started moving into a vegetarian diet and saw even more improvements in the way I looked and I FELT better.
I’ve been hooked on learning more ever since!

Q3. If you had to choose one thing that you believe keeps you in best shape what would it be?

Honestly, diet. I could not work out for a week but if my diet is on point, I look and feel great. Although, If i eat like crap for a week and still go to the gym, I feel like the results are still very different.

A clean diet to me means, lots of water, veggies, plant based protein, fruit, and healthy fats. NO processed foods, alcohol, sugar, or sweets. I swear it gets easier the more you practice!

I just keep bags of veggies in my fridge with some hummus and Tzatziki sauce because it forces me to snack on them so that I finish them before they go bad!

Q4. How can other women get inspired to start incorporating healthy eating and fitness into their life?

Find someone that you are in awe of. Not jealous of, but just someone you admire, and use them as your motivation.
Think about your HEALTH.
For me, reading was a huge motivation. I love Cameron Diaz so when she came out with her health book “The Body Book”, I read about her morning routine and it made me want to do the same thing. So I started running every morning because she inspired me to do so and that started a whole season of clean eating and amazing fitness accomplishments
I also read THE CHINA STUDY which is a book all about the differences between an animal diet and a plant diet. VERY eye opening, I highly suggest it to everyone.

Q5. What do you plan to do in the future? Anything new on the horizon?

YES, I have a Health Guide E-Book that I will be launching in a few months that I am VERY excited about. It talks about how I eat, how I used to eat, things you should take out of your diet asap, food substitutions, and a lot more! I also include some fun things in there like a healthy taco Tuesday, and how to handle everything from cramps and cravings to hangovers in there haha because that’s life. There is also a bunch of new simple plant based recipes and an example meal plan !

I also will be doing a fitness e-book later on this year which will be 28 minute HIIT workouts, plus all the in’s and out’s that you should know when it comes to sweatin’ it out.



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