Featured Entrepreneur: Samantha Bowers

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Episode # 21

Hello My Loves,

I am so excited about my guest today, she is one HOTTEEEE! 

When I met Samantha I was in awwww at her beauty, talent and over all presence.   I told her, ‘O MY GOODNESS, I have to interview you’!!!!  So here we are and you can see for yourself, meet Lifestyle & Fitness Expert, Samantha Bowers, also known as The Fit Brunette!!  Not only is she an Exposure Model, but she is the Former Miss Missouri Teen USA ❤️💪🏻


Q1.  What did you want to be growing up?


My earliest memory growing up was that I wanted to be a singer, until I realized singing was not exactly my forte. I can remember playing dress up and putting on concerts for my family in our living room, singing my favorite Shania Twain songs – glittery microphone and all. Once I got a little older, I started to realize I had a love for nutrition and fitness, and thought I wanted to pursue dietetics. After I became involved in pageants, I truly realized my passion lied in connecting with the public. After my Freshman year of college at Missouri State University where I was the host of the locally televised cooking competition “Show-Me Chefs,” I found my passion for the camera and on air hosting. It was at that point, I realized that I was a journalist at heart, and I set my goal to be a television personality one day. 

Q2.  What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?


I would definitely say that winning the title of Miss Missouri Teen USA 2014 is my most treasured accomplishment. Not because I was given a crown and sash, but because I truly learned so much about myself as a person during my reign. I developed skills during that year that have benefitted me professionally, personally, and philanthropically to this day. I definitely would not be the person that I am today without the Miss Universe Organization and the incredible opportunities they provide to young women all over the world. 


Q3.  Please share with our tribe of Women, one piece of advice that you have received which has helped you throughout your journey?


Be true to yourself and NEVER compromise your values, beliefs or morals for anything. They are what make you the person you are, and there is only ONE you. That’s pretty cool to think about! You are the only person with your goals, your talents, your personality, your mind, and your dreams. So embrace it, own it, and never try to change who you were made to be. 

Q4. Any future collaborations you want to share for 2017?


Ahh I hope to have a lot of big things happen in 2017. I just started blogging 6 months ago, but I have seen tremendous growth in those 6 months and I only hope to see that continue. I have begun working with several brands that I am super excited about. I am also working on starting up my personal training business and taking it to the next level, so I am hoping to reach more young women and inspire them to begin their fitness journey during 2017. I am still a college student, so this year will also be full of classes and internships as I work to finish up my Journalism degree. Whatever 2017 may hold, I am definitely ready for it!

Instagram: @samanthabowers_


PS:  Also stay tuned for the rest of our amazing interview in my upcoming book.



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