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I don’t know about you, but BOYYYYYY has it been an adventure the last few months:

  • October: Started off with a bang and I was getting business items inline from mindset, to scheduling, to planning, to hustling hard making up for the lost time in August and Sept.  Also my Grandmother turned 96 years old!!!!  Which I am proudly named after, lol!  I know I tell ya’ll all the time but she has outlived 2 husband and 2 Efffing boyfriends hahaha!  She is still looking good and in perfect health, Goooo Grandma!!!  Happy Birthday again.
  • November: Writing, Building My Empire and keeping the momentum
  • December: Do I have lots to cover this month and to top it off it is My Birthday Month so I am excited!!!!!!!!!, I was born 12/20 and I was my dad’s birthday present, the youngest and only GIRL!!!  So it is soooo special to have my birthday on the same day as my daddy’s!  Today, I have now decided to put my best foot forward and continue to build my empire and mission that I originally set out to do, which is embodying everything I love by– continuing to build my platform for all of you with woman of power, influence, and success from all over the world. It is my passion to share what I have learned from the ladies in my life and the impact that each one has made, which there is not a particular age what so ever. it is from my great grandmothers, grandmothers, mom, aunts, soul sisters, my assistant (right & left hand) the ladies I connect with daily in person and on the web and the one that has the most impact is my Daughter as she teaches me so much daily, but I get to empower her also.   I love empowering women all over the world, pursuing the universal truth and knowledge in all areas of my life, creating a platform for female entrepreneurs to shine and I will soon be releasing my amazing book, “Empowered Women that Empower Women- Volume 1.”  I have also created 2 additional Instagram pages which are freaking amazing.  I have my personal IG: @theannadelarosa for my empowerment brand, Then IG: @bossbabequotes which is for all my girls out there that are killing it and I share powerful quotes to build us up and inspire us.  Soon the doors open on my new School called Empowerment Women’s Academy where I teach women practical business strategies!!  Then my newest IG: @manifestingjunkie which I just rolled out this week and it has hit the ground running.  I will have a Monthly Membership Site called Manifesting Junkie coming out soon which will be ONLY $9.00 a month which you are not going to want to miss this.  It will cover all the bases from Mindset, Mircles, Mantra’s, Meditations TO Mindfulness!!!!!!!!!!!   So get ready for all this juicy content that will be out soon!

Featured Entrepreneur: Eden Sassoon

Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa

Episode # 33

There is nothing I love more than to empower female entrepreneurs, leaders & game changers to start paving the path in every industry. The reason I love it, is because:
The Future is Female, I love that

With my next POWERHOUSE women, you will definitely get inspired and motivated because She is a go getter!!!!!!! Not only will she be on my Blog, She is also the 1st featured interview in my upcoming BOOK.  I am personally so grateful for Eden, I will never forget last year when I was at one of my lowest points in my life, I had reached out to Eden to go over the details on my Blog/Book and she told me how proud she was of me and what I was doing and that she wanted to be apart of all that I am.  That right there ladies, is what it is all about!  Lifting up our soul sisters when the other one has hit a stumbling block.

This HOTTT BABE is Sassy, Successful, and she is AWAKE, born into a beauty icon dynasty, Eden Sassoon says her path to success has not always been easy. It all started when her father asked her 1 question, “So what are you going to do with yourself?” That question really had her asking herself, “where does my passion lie?” she says. “I knew I loved beauty, but good health and love for exercise—especially Pilates—were also a big part of my life. I knew then what I wanted to do and that is all it took for her to wake up & continue his legacy as well as start one of her own!

Eden is not just working, she is living and continuing a legacy that her father built!

Per Eden, “I was there every day, and I was, obviously because I’m single now, unhappily married, and pilates was my safety, it was my home. I went to bed looking forward to that next day of my journey, my physical journey and how I was gonna get through it, and just finding myself. And through that, there was a divorce, opening the business, and so much that came from just Dad saying that 1 question” Coming from him, really it was very clear to me because he’s a man, there’s no B.S.”


Her father (legendary beauty icon, Vidal Sassoon) was her mentor and she was influenced by the impact her father left on the entire industry! Not to mention, he revolutionized the beauty industry by creating a new standard for hair care in the 1960’s. Turning his goal into reality by making women’s true, individual beauty shine.
To date, Eden has made her own mark with her full service salon, EDEN by Eden Sassoon @edenbyedensassoon Salon , and two luxury #Pilates studios in Los Angeles @edenbyedensassoonpilates
Her desire to continue forging her way, led to her building the #nonprofit organization Beauty Gives Back @beautygivesback_official , which unites the hair industry in fighting the global #watercrisis with #thirstproject #explant 12/23/16 @edensassoonexplant
WOW, Can you say SUPERWOMAN!!!!!! I love when Eden says, “This #milf (mom in love w fitness) is #strong in her #truth ” “The power of the #women heal the woman”- Eden Sassoon PS: You don’t want to miss the rest of our interview that will be featured in my upcoming book

As a woman of inspiration and down to earth values, Eden offers her wisdom, whether it is negative or positive, it will pass.

Q1.  What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to save the world! As a kid Mother Teresa stood out to me, and I wanted to help people the way she did. I just knew I needed to help, whether it was on a small or large scale.

Q2.  What motivates you to be yourself and do what you love?

The Unknown of the possibilities that could flourish from being myself.

I am real, organic and not afraid for all the things that I’ve been through in my life, I’m willing to share them, You know? I’m a single and sober mother. Those words right there say a lot and I am not afraid to show it.

Q3.  What does success mean to you?

Being able to be excited every day as you evolve as a human being, and help others to evolve too. It’s just about loving what you’re doing and whom you can do it with.


Over 50 years later, Eden has invigorated the family legacy by modernizing a contemporary salon experience to offer women’s personalized beauty needs including hair, nail, and make-up under one roof with exemplary service and efficiency. The result is an unparalleled finishing studio: EDEN by Eden Sassoon


Eden’s Love Note: In 2013, I was introduced to The Thirst Project and my life was changed forever. My father (Vidal Sassoon) believed if the hairdressing community came together as one, they could create miracles.  He did what he did with a pure heart and was the poetry for change. It has become my mission with Beauty Gives Back that we UNITE the beauty industry through education to create a better world for those around us. 




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