Featured Entrepreneur: Farah Abassi
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Episode # 38

Hey my loves,

How has your May started off?
First off, I can’t believe it is The End of May and 2nd I just realize that my one and only baby girl will turn 16 yr old in August! Holy Fuck, where has the time gone she is learning how to drive so we have a blast driving everyday, actually she drives better than me hahahahahah and she will freaking tell me toooo. We have a week of school left and the school is officially out for the SUMMER. So I will be keeping you updated on all our summer adventures

IG: Farah Abassi

Website: www.aroma360.com

The story behind Aroma360
Providing the highest quality safe and healthy scenting solution to homes and businesses The benefits and applications of scent are overwhelming. The foundation of Aroma360 is built on two primary principles. The first is to provide a healthy scenting solution for homes and businesses. Through the incorporation of essential oils, we strive to not only create aromatic sanctuaries but to preserve the naturally occurring therapeutic properties of essential oils to benefit all.

The second goal is to educate people about the incredible benefits of Aromachology. Aromachology is the study of how scent can impact us on an emotional level. Scent can trigger powerful memories and can influence mood, emotions and behavior. Whether it be incorporating a scent to stimulate sales, enhance perceived value or to increase feelings of trust and calmness – scent is a powerful tool that is widely underused. Aroma360’s goal is to educate people about the benefits of scenting and us transforming spaces to create luxurious havens for all customers, from homeowners to business owners to global consumers. Aroma360’s fragrances – sold in the following categories: Beauty Sleep, Focus, Fresh, Home Sweet Home, Inner Peace, Luxe, Shopaholic, Social Butterfly, Spa Collection and True Romance – encourage a myriad of moods and behavior, from helping with relaxation to improving concentration and mental clarity to evoking romantic moods and sensations. The fragrances, which can also be personalized, also offer a range of healing properties that help to harmonize the mind, body and soul.

Q1. What did you want to be growing up?

Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer. My mom was the CFO of a big law firm, so I spent a lot of time with lawyers and I was always fascinated by their stories.

Q2. Tell us all about your passion in working for yourself and how Aroma360 came to life?

Aroma360 was born as a passion project. My first job in high school was in fragrance where I learned the fundamentals of essential oils and fragrance combining. I always had an appreciation for natural health and when I moved to the USA, I was searching for a healthy way to scent my home. It was then that my passion for fragrance was reignited as I started blending my own fragrances. The feedback I received was tremendous which encouraged me to take this hobby and turn it into a career.

Q3. What is one of your most treasured accomplishments?

I wrote a book! It’s called the Art of Aroma.

Q4. Please share with our tribe of Women, one piece of advice you have received which has helped you throughout your journey?

That you can have it all! We are in such a special time because females are finally gaining the respect and credit they deserve. The only boundaries and limitations that stand in front of us are the ones we set ourselves!


Q5. What are you currently working on?
Any future collaborations you want to share for 2018?

Many exciting projects. We are launching an in international partnership program and we will have offices in 6 major cities around the world. I am finalizing our new 2018 fragrance collection which has some incredible new scents.

I absolutely love the bond that Farah has with her girls and one inparticular that I have had a chance to get to know is the Sexy Ass Blondie- Carly which Farah and her has welcomed me in with open arms!  I feel like I have known them forever!  Carly says, your girls are a reflection of who you are and when you bond, you muthafuking bond and there is nothing that will come between y’all. 

Stay tuned to the rest of our interview in my upcoming book 📚 “Empowered Women that Empower Women Vol 1” because we have a surprise for all of y’all and you will love!!!!  

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