Featured Entrepreneur: Holly Glasser
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Episode # 40
I absolutely ADORE this beautiful angel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am talking about @hollyglasser and Holly is such a breath of fresh air with an array of gifts & talents!  She sings, acts, produces, models and to top it off, she also runs her own magazine💋called @mithmagazine  . MITH stands for Modest Is The Hottest, and is all about tasteful hottttt fabulous fashion globally.🗽🇺🇸🗼🌎  I will never forget when I first ran across Holly and she was wearing a yellow shirt, which I have included in a picture below!  I was like HOLY MOLY, who is she???????  I have to interview her.  We connected and haven’t looked back ever since!  I love Holly so much!  Her passion and drive will have you ready to complete those projects & goals you started or to implement new ones!  She inspires me, lifts me up when I am down and is always there for me with words of encouragement!   Thank you, Holly, from the bottom of my heart for joining me in my journey and now my upcoming book, “Empowered Women that Empower Women Vol-1”.  You will find a sample of our interview below, but the rest will be in my book, which you DO NOT want to miss!

Photographer: Jenny Megenney

Below are some of Holly’s amazing accomplishments: Morning Show Appearances:
  • Good Day NY- HERE
  • Good Morning America- HERE
  • TBN, Hot Off the Press With Kristen Dalton: HERE
  • JUCE TV, Interviewed w/ Brittany Lynn Lutz: HERE

TBN, Hot Off the Press With Kristen Dalton

Web, Radio and Guest Blogger Interviews;
  • Medium Interview: HERE
  • Lady Boss of the Week: HERE
  • Article for Evie Magazine: HERE
  • Podcast w/ Barry Shore, on “Joy of Living”: HERE
Book Appearances:
  • “It Can Be You” (Influencer Feature by Jordana Guimaraes
  • The Character of Fashion” by Simon Ward, CEO of British Fashion Council 
Philanthropy/Volunteer/Social Justice Causes Holly participated in: 
  • The Nylon Project, Project Beautiful, The Dare To Hope charity for The Goodwill Rescue Mission, The Bowery Mission, Little Wish Foundation and Project Paper Bag. 
  • Holly also advocates for the unborn, the disabled, the homeless, refugees, sex trafficking victims & those dealing w/ domestic violence, bullying and substance abuse recovery.
“Wisdom and Discretion are KEY in Womanhood” -Holly Glasser
You can follow this beauty on her Instagram and Twitter accounts below: Q1.   What did you want to be growing up? When I was a little girl, I wanted to be everything from a veterinarian, to a pilot, to an archeologist, to a heroic war nurse like Clara Barton of the Civil War. I had a creative imagination and was always trying out new “careers” before the age of 12 in a form of make-believe. Indeed, I loved to play grown-up from a young age… flaunting the boa feathers, while waving around my fake plastic credit card and jingling my pretend car keys like I owned the place! I morphed daily from glamorous diva to studious nerd… spending many diligent hours also studying rocks with a magnifying glass as a kid to redeem myself with more noble tasks after being a bit froufrou.  Over the years, I also began to discover painting, guitar, singing and piano, as well as languages and writing, and my first jobs out of college were as a Spanish teacher and interpreter. This soon morphed into wanting to be an actress, model and singer. My journey is colorful, to say the least. To this day, I still have a froufrou side, mixed in with a total down-to-earth nerd in there, too… I like to mix it up! I love being both frumpy and glam at different times, depending on my mood. I think staying down-to-earth while also remaining a larger-than-life dreamer is the perfect balance in life. You really can be both… Keep your creative imagination and your extravagant dreams strong, but also keep a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously… Be willing to laugh at yourself… 

Photographer: Rachel Linder

Q2.  What is your favorite part of modeling? My favorite part of modeling is the surprise on people’s faces when they realize that I’m much shorter in person than I appear to be in photographs! My 5’2” height really throws most people off. This is always a good laugh. Some people think I’m 5’11” from photos!! Being a petite, I really haven’t let my height stop me from accomplishing my dreams – from walking the runway, to modeling for fashion editorials… things you’d expect only taller women to do. I’m the fun-size teacup mini model! 

Photographer: John Henry Boes

▪️How about acting? My favorite thing about acting is going out there on a limb for an agent,  casting director or acting teacher, opening up with a character and being completely vulnerable … and seeing the audience laugh or cry. This can be terrifying, but also invigorating, and especially rewarding to push yourself to new limits! Being unabashedly myself and totally fearless are my strongest moments. Your power is in your vulnerability. Always. That’s where you have a position to shift culture and be a voice that carries. Hey, I’m just starting out, really… I’ve got a long way to go before my voice really leaves a lasting legacy to the nations, but we all start somewhere, right? Let’s keep going!  ▪️Favorite part of singing/music? Music should just flow from the soul… and I love the organic nature of creating a song. Sometimes you just have no idea the poetry that’s hidden inside of you or someone else, and music help brings that inner beauty out… the longing, the dreams we dare to go after, the things that wrecked us… they all come to the surface with harrowing beauty to mesmerize and inspire an audience!
Q3.  You are an amazing woman of many trades, what motivates you to keep pressing on? Honestly, what keeps me moving on is the promises for the future that I believe by faith! I’ve dealt with some really difficult trials in life that could have easily dampened my spirit, but knowing my worth and holding onto JOY despite circumstances has really kept me strong… Keeping an eternal perspective in mind is essential. Would your life look differently if you knew that your actions today echo for eternity and not just in this life? Do you believe that? I do! 

Photographer: Carlos Romero

Q4.  What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear? My greatest fear is cheese disappearing from the face of the earth… Wow, can you even imagine? The horror!! My second greatest fear USED to be not finding true love in this lifetime. However, I’m not afraid of that anymore. I have faith now that it will come… I am waiting on true love and I’m holding out for the best without compromising! I’ve walked in purity for three years (abstinence). As mentioned above, I’ve walked through many trials that have shaped and refined me along the way in this challenging journey. Sometimes people only see our highlight reel. They don’t always see the daily trials behind closed doors that shape us. One day, I definitely want to share behind-the-scenes of the not-so-pretty. But at the end of the day, I raise my hand to heaven, and just cry out, “Bless this mess!” It’s so important in trials to have a positive mindset. I call the mindset of waiting for the breakthrough a “FAITH mindset.” Sometimes you must have faith like a little child. Keeping that innocence and wonder for life is so essential. Do you actually believe you can achieve your dreams in life and love? Do you actually believe that you will be carried from the “pit” and into the “Promised Land?” Keep the faith, stay tenacious, stay curious, keep away from grumbling and complaining, laugh at the days to come and be diligent towards your dreams. Don’t give up!

Photographer: Eric Fischer

Q5. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming successful?  To what do you most attribute your success?  Absolutely! To add to what I just said above, these are some other traits for success: Diligence, discipline, humility, excellence, being genuinely kind to others, and I will repeat this one: FAITH. In addition, wisdom and discretion. Indeed, wisdom and discretion are KEY in womanhood. Apply these attributes to your life, and watch your garden grow into full bloom. Have any panels I can lead for ya?? LOL Sign me up! As long as there is a cheese platter, I’m down!

Photographer: Kevin Zupp

Q6. Tell us about your fabulous MITH Magazine? MITH stands for Modest Is The Hottest, and is all about tasteful fashion. We focus on inner beauty being most important, and tell the stories of the upcoming dreamers and doers in fashion and entertainment, covering stories on actors, models, singers, dancers, fashion designers, and more. MITH is based in LA, NY and abroad… and we have beautiful fashion editorials from all over the world. MITH loves to tell the stories of individuals who are using their influence to give back to their community. Hence, inner beauty is always more noteworthy than outer beauty. It goes back to the sacredness of ourselves, and learning to harness our true beauty and use our gifts and talents to serve our world in love. Inner beauty is RADIANT and makes the face shine brighter! Q7.  What are you currently working on? Any future collaborations you want to share for 2019 or 2020?  This week I will be a guest on a children’s web series, where I’ll be teaching kiddos how to bake! Other projects coming up include walking the runway for a cause that supports victims of domestic violence, and I just had a cute commercial come out. Check it out here for a fun new photo sharing app: HERE
“There is Power in Vulnerability!”- Holly Glasser
Again, you can follow Holly on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with other upcoming projects!! You will be so happy you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instagram: @hollyglasser and @mithmagazine Twitter: @holly_glasser and @mithmagazine Xoxoxo Anna De La Rosa Email: anna@annadelarosa.com Instagram: @theannadelarosa Instagram: @empowerwomenquotes Instagram: @manifestingjunkie My Portfolio: HERE Website: www.annadelarosa.com
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