Featured Entrepreneur: Nicole Zeola
Interviewed by: Anna De La Rosa
Episode: #13

Can you say WOW!!!!!!!! I am officially rolling the red carpet out for the gorgeous, Nicole Zeola, Co-founder of World of Wellness which is the New home of WowMoms (IG: @wowmade ) I personally love all of their products and once you try them you will be hooked.


Q1.  What did you want to be growing up?

As a young girl I always wanted to be some kind of business woman… and I loved beauty and fashion, so I was always curious how I could blend them all together. It’s interesting now that I think about it because my job is really a blend of what I use to have visions of. However, it wasn’t until I was a teenager that my fascination and curiosity about health and wellness began.. and that is also not only a huge part of my business but also my lifestyle as well. My appreciation for beauty though, was what first sparked my interest into learning about health. Because I began to understand that in order to keep a beautiful exterior and interior, I needed to learn everything I could about health.  

Q2. What first got you interested in health and wellness?

When I became pregnant with my son… my interest in health and wellness turned from a more superficial level, to a much deeper fascination. Becoming a mother forced me to want to become the best version of myself not only externally but internally as well

Q3.  What is World of Wellness and WOWMOMS?

World of Wellness www.wowmade.com is the parent company we created for WOWMOMS. It’s a holistic, spiritual, modern health and wellness company. We offer affordable supplements and programs to increase your overall health, wellness, and vitality. We wanted to create a gender-neutral site and line of products for people that weren’t mothers, because we always had requests for that. And WowMoms is a line beneath World of Wellness. that is specifically dedicated and designed for moms.



Q4. What’s next for World of Wellness?

Well… we are in the process of opening a Mommy and Me Spa.. It’s basically a center from moms to come and relax with their kids in a clean, classy, and zen environment… we will have a healthy cafe, but retail, classes, baby spa, amongst many other fabulous things. Just about everything you can think of will be in this heaven for moms and their kids. We are in the process of creating a Global Franchise with the concept once our first two locations are built (Canada and Beverly Hills).. Pretty exciting stuff. xo

That’s a wrap babes!



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